THE Liberal Senator who linked same-sex marriage to bestiality has taken to YouTube accusing Labor politicians of hypocrisy on the issue of free speech.

Cory Bernardi made international headlines and was forced to resign as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's Parliamentary Secretary two weeks ago after making his controversial comments during debate on a same-sex marriage bill before the Senate.

The South Australian Senator said legalising same-sex marriage could lead to calls for bestiality to be given the same legal standing.

But in a YouTube video posted on Tuesday, Senator Bernardi says the left of politics has displayed "double standards" when it came to offensive political commentary.

He makes reference to Prime Minister Julia Gillard comparing Mr Abbott to Jack the Ripper, and her Cabinet Secretary Mary Dreyfus likening the Opposition Leader to a Nazi war criminal.

"As we've seen over the last few weeks, if you're from the left side of politics it appears you can say almost anything without condemnation, but this rule does not seem to apply from those on the right," Senator Bernardi says.

The two-minute video was posted in the wake of the Alan Jones scandal, although the Senator makes no direct reference to the radio personality and his comments about Ms Gillard's father.

Senator Bernardi also accuses Labor ministers of twisting his words for political gain.

"Labor ministers have attacked me, they've attacked my colleagues past and present," he says. "They've twisted and distorted arguments and words in a quest to gain some minute political advantage, heedless of the damage they're doing to the standards of public debate and the concept of free speech - a concept that says no matter how much you might disagree with what others have to say they should be able to say it.

"The Labor Party and their acolytes hold others to a different standard than they're prepared to account for themselves."

He claims this needs to change for the sake of "every Australian interested in supporting our freedoms and our democratic ideals".