Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller.
Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller. David Nielsen

Left-field plan to dump rubbish and build 'tranquil parks'

TURNING Ipswich's mining voids into a tranquil paradise for birdlife and recreation should be investigated and "lazy town planning ended", Jo-Ann Miller believes.

The rogue Bundamba MP wants all levels of government to investigate ways the region's old mines are rehabilitated.

She said the tradition of turning them into landfill where millions of tonnes of rubbish is dumped was wrong.

"It absolutely disgusts me," she said.

"It is a lazy way of thinking that all you can do with a void in the ground is fill them up with rubbish.

"It is lazy town planning, the lazy way of getting rid of waste."

Ms Miller said New South Wales had rightly turned old wastelands into community parks and recreation areas.

"It's out Penrith way, they actually had voids and they've been filled up with water," she said.

"They've become paradise for birds and wildlife.

"It just disgusts me that all they think of is filling these voids with waste."

Ms Miller said rehabilitation of mines in Central Queensland often involved backfilling and replanting the area.

While the cost of creating a park tipped to be significantly higher than dumping rubbish, Ms Miller said it was worth it.

"How can you put a price on a community's health?

"We have a lot higher rates of respiratory diseases.

"You've also got the transport hazards of having these big B-doubles on the road and a risk of fire."

Ms Miller said it was "not on".

"We are 40km from the CBD," she said.

"What would happen if people came up with an idea to fill in an area in South Brisbane?

"They try to use Ipswich as a dumping ground."

Applications have been extended for the public to have its say on BMI's super dump at New Chum.

If approved by the council, the dump would have a 15.7 million capacity and operate for about 18 years.