The ALP's Steve Leese on the campaign trail in Gatton.
The ALP's Steve Leese on the campaign trail in Gatton. Derek Barry

Leese to oppose the lease of assets

LOCKYER Labor candidate Steve Leese has a huge job to convince voters not to repeat 2012's result and comfortably elect Ian Rickuss, but he says he is ready for the challenge.

The Regency Downs-based special education teacher said he was unfazed by the timing of the election.

"We've been up and running since August when I was officially endorsed to be the Labor candidate, I have some wonderful volunteers out and we've been all over the electorate from Grantham and Withcott down to Greenbank," Mr Leese said.

He said cost of living and cuts were the issues voters were brining to his attention.

"People are not happy about the cuts to services, they're not happy about the cuts to jobs, they're not happy about selling off the assets, or leasing them or whatever they want to call it," he said.

Mr Leese said the plan to lease state assets would cost the state in the end.

"There's a bit of a sugar hit at the start but it's $2 billion a year gone out of the state's income," he said.

Mr Leese said the battle for Lockyer had become "interesting" since Pauline Hanson threw her hand into the ring though he was careful not to mention her by name.

"We've got five candidates now, that's the beauty of Australian democracy. But from my perspective, if you want to stop the sale of the assets, if you want to create jobs, if you want someone to look after the entire electorate, you need to vote for me and the Labor party."

Mr Leese refused to be drawn on possible preference deals with other parties.

"The preference deals are sorted out through party office through our state secretary," he said.