Lawyers to be banned from becoming parliamentarians

THE Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is rushing through new rules to preclude the legal profession from standing for election.

The new rules come after a lengthy grassroots campaign gained more than a thousand likes on Facebook, triggering the AECs internal review process.

Solicitors, barristers, and judges will be barred from registering as candidates for all levels of public office according to the current draft of the bill, set to be introduced by an anonymous member of the currently sitting federal parliament.

AEC spokesperson Alex Barr said the changes were necessary to "keep up with community expectations around representation."

"Part of our job is to ensure standards are maintained and that online fit and proper persons are put forward as options for governing.

"Hundreds of submissions both to our own email and to the numerous pages on Facebook have sent a clear message: those whose job it is to understand the law should not be allowed influence over creating the law."

Owner of Facebook page Get the Grubs out of Government, Ken Oath, told ARM, "We're sick of all these lawyers running for the government just to get on the gravy train."

"These perks they get are an outrage. Free international trips, dinners, food trains, and all because they studied law?

"We don't even have a reliable train here, let alone one with a food car in it."

"How come they get a train and we don't?"

Law Community President Jacob Jekshin called the new rules "a step in the right direction for utterly ruining this country."

"Nobody is more qualified to steer this country's laws than those who have made it their life's work to understand the law and how it affects everyday people.

"I met some everyday people just last week and we got along fine. The average citizen wants to know they're being ruled by people who know what they're doing.

"I mean, just look at what happened the last time a regional journalist entered politics."

Parliament has responded by tendering a bill to prevent those earning less than $70,000 a year from nominating for public office.

* This article was written for April Fools.