WATCH: Lawyer faces media scrum after court appearance


A HIGH profile Gold Coast lawyer charged with possessing cocaine has appeared in court for the first time.

John "Campbell" MacCallum wore a blue suit and purple tie when he briefly appeared in Richlands Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

MacCallum, a principal at his Southport-based firm Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied, is charged with possession of a dangerous drug.

Police will allege a small amount of cocaine was found in a Burleigh Heads home during a raid by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Campbell MacCallum outside Richlands Magistrates court.
Campbell MacCallum outside Richlands Magistrates court.

The CCC has been investigating the firm for months.

Magistrate Aaron Simpson questioned why the matter was being mentioned in Richlands and dismissed the suggestion that it was because Mr MacCallum was too well-known in Southport.

"So what … it's got nothing to do with Richlands," he said.



"What would it matter, just treat him as anybody else.

"I don't think a court would treat him any different to anyone else."

Mr MacCallum made a swift exit from court and hopped into a waiting vehicle.

He declined to comment outside of court, where a large group of reporters was waiting.

Campbell MacCallum leaves court.
Campbell MacCallum leaves court.

Outside court, Mr MacCallum's solicitor Bill Potts told reporters they were liaising closely with the relevant authorities.

"At the present moment we are seeking information and Mr MacCallum is also in touch with the Queensland Law Society," Mr Potts said.

Asked whether the law body was keeping a close eye on the matter, Mr Potts said: "The Queensland Law Society is always there to ensure that the public can have confidence in people who act as legal practitioners in this state. At the present moment, it's early days and Mr MacCallum is doing everything he possibly can to co-operate with each and every one of the authorities."

MacCallum has been charged with possession of a dangerous drug.
MacCallum has been charged with possession of a dangerous drug.

Mr Potts said he believed the matter was moved to the Brisbane suburban court by the CCC.

"My understanding is Mr MacCallum is well known in Southport court, and to avoid embarrassment to the Magistrates, or to seek an adjournment it was simply brought here by the CCC. There's nothing unusual in that. For the same reason, the matters are going to be dealt with in Brisbane," he said.

"The CCC never tell us exactly what they are doing nor should they," he added. "They conduct much of their hearings and processes in secret.

"The CCC are clearly interested in Mr MacCallum and if and when they wish to talk to us, or have any dealings with us, we will of course consider that application."

The matter was adjourned to Brisbane Magistrates Court on August 24.

Mr MacCallum has made a name for himself after representing a number of high-profile clients, including double murderer Lionel Patea, members of the Barbaro family and professional rugby league players.

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