NOT HAPPY: Victim of a house fire at One Mile, Ricky Murphy with his niece Letissa (left) and sister Laverne (right).
NOT HAPPY: Victim of a house fire at One Mile, Ricky Murphy with his niece Letissa (left) and sister Laverne (right). David Nielsen

Family asks why teen wasn't charged for burning down house

THE FAMILY of house fire victim Ricky Murphy is angered by the punishment handed down to the 15-year-old girl accused of burning down his One Mile home last month.

The girl, also a resident of One Mile, is believed to have lit an item near Mr Murphy's home which subsequently caught on fire.

Mr Murphy lost everything in the blaze and is now living with his sister Laverne Murphy in Leichhardt.

The QT reported last month that the 15-year-old girl was slated to appear before the Youth Justice Conference which after discussion often with the offender, the respective families and the victim then comes to a decision about what should happen to repair the harm that has been caused.

But Ms Murphy said yesterday that the process was flawed.

The Murphy family met with South West Youth Justice Conferencing's Jason Brown at the Leichhardt-One Mile Community Centre yesterday to put forward their views.

"This was a first off meeting to get our point across," Ms Murphy said.

"We are not happy that she wasn't charged.

"We didn't come to any agreement and we are going to wait now to meet with the arresting officer.

"We want to ask him why she wasn't charged for burning down a house.

"The girl's mother has even written a letter in support of Ricky and what she is going through with her daughter.

"Apparently the most the girl can get is 200 hours of community service.

"We are not happy."

Mr Murphy is struggling with the loss of his home and the sad loss of his lifelong partner Clara.

"He is still living with me but he is not coping very well," Ms Murphy said.

"I have taken him to the doctors and he is on a lot of medication for depression after Clara passed away.

"He won't eat, won't communicate and goes into his own little shell."

Mr Murphy received $2000 from the Mayor's Community Fund and the Leichhardt-One Mile Community Centre has rallied around him with outstanding assistance.

"The only help we have got is from the community centre and the mayor," Ms Murphy said.

"But I'm not happy with any of the Aboriginal organisations. None of them have helped.

"And I rang the insurance company and they said it could take months for anything to come through."