Ipswich Jets colts player James Tuiluga shows his strength in his team’s 50-6 victory over Wests last weekend.
Ipswich Jets colts player James Tuiluga shows his strength in his team’s 50-6 victory over Wests last weekend. Sarah Harvey

Fractured Laidley stumps Wellburn

LAIDLEY appears on its last legs in the Challenge Cup.

Coach Rocky Wellburn is disgusted with his group of players, declaring he has little interest any more after an average of four has turned up to each training session in the past three weeks.

“I don’t know whether we’re going to have a team or not,” he said, referring to the scheduled clash with Redbank Plains at Redbank Plains Recreational Reserve on Saturday.

“I’m really not interested any more.

“I’ve been there every night but the blokes say they’ll do this and do that, then you don’t see them or hear from them.

“You put on dos for them and pay for stuff and they still don’t turn up.”

Wellburn was referring to a pool training session and trip to the races on a bye weekend he’d organised, to which only a handful of players showed up.

“A couple of players left just because we weren’t winning,” an emotional Wellburn said.

“Aaron Robbie and Dean White went to Rosewood.

“Our supposed marquee player Ian O’Shea – I haven’t heard hide nor hair of him.

“Players have left the club and haven’t even rung me.”

If it were a home game this weekend, Wellburn might have expected to get a team together because that’s when players “come out of the woodwork”.

But away from home, he is not so confident, even though a win over Redbank Plains would put the Lions into equal fourth spot.

“Dan Wilson is injured,” Wellburn said.

“Dan Shepley is playing on a broken leg.

“He broke it five weeks ago but played for us two weeks ago, hobbling around.”

It was for the likes of Shepley and club president Len Moyle, who has fought hard to keep the club alive, that Wellburn feels particularly bad for.

“The town needs football but we’re struggling for volunteers and players,” he said.

“It’s a shame because the competition is a good idea.”

In the other Challenge Cup match this weekend, Rosewood hosts Springfield at Anzac Park on Saturday night in a repeat of Sunday’s President’s Cup encounter.

Undefeated Springfield came from eight points down at half-time to win that encounter 34-30.


Springfield 20

Rosewood 13

Lowood/Tarampa 11

Redbank Plains 6

Laidley 4