Deputy Premier Jackie Trad.
Deputy Premier Jackie Trad.

Labor grilled on Cross River Rail by Ipswich MP

COLOURFUL Labor MP Jo-Ann Miller has quizzed Transport Department officials if they took pecuniary interest statements from public servants who were working on Cross River Rail.

Mrs Miller's line of questioning comes amid the integrity scandal involving Deputy Premier Jackie Trad's purchase of a Woolloongabba property along the line of the $5.4 billion project.

The Bundamba MP, who described herself as a "corruption fighter", asked Director-General Neil Scales what "checks and balances" were in place to stop public servants who had access to information about the project from making a profit off the purchase of property.

"I and my executive leadership team are all bound by probity," Mr Scales replied. "As far as sensitive commercial information is concerned … everything that is bounded by commercial and confidential requirements is bounded by our ethical standards unit.

"As far as the question on Cross River Rail, there was a very small number of people that were involved and they were bound by the probity deeds that are signed."

Mr Scales insisted they had a "high standard" in the department and said they had an "appropriate ethical use of public resources policy".

"Our staff are required to adhere to that policy," he said.

Ms Trad has committed to sell the property for no profit.