Kristen Stewart is taking a break from acting.
Kristen Stewart is taking a break from acting.

Kristen Stewart to step behind the camera in next film

KRISTEN Stewart is taking a break from acting.

The 'Still Alice' star is thrilled she has chosen to step behind the camera for the next few months to work on a short film about the power of women.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, she said: "I just did like five movies over a two-year period, and I think it's a very good decision for me right now to stop acting in movies for just a moment, and I've never really done that, I've never changed my appearance.

"I've always really stayed neutral since I was like 10 years old, so I was like, 'I'm gonna direct a short, and I'm gonna f**k up my hair.'"

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old actress previously revealed she feels "most alive" as an actress when she is taking risks.

She explained: "When you feel like you're gonna die is when you feel the most alive. I feel as though I might actually spontaneously combust sometimes and just not be able to go on.

"I trust myself a little bit more. When I was a little bit younger, I used anxiety and nerves, which I still have a lot of. It's just that I'm better at channeling. them. I get better every time I do a job.

"I'm genuinely just drawn to material that's moving. Recently I've been into slightly more diagonal sort of, a little less straight down the line, in terms of story, and those are always a little bit less commercial."

And Kristen also recently revealed she "learns more" about herself through her work.

She shared: "I see it as a means of looking more deeply into your own psychology when you're attempting to understand what makes your characters behave the way they do and who they really are.

"It's a process that helps me learn more about myself although I think just living every day and being with other people helps me do that too.

"I like to believe that I'm living as honestly and authentically as possible."