Kristen Stewart owes a lot to 'Twilight'

KRISTEN Stewart says the 'Twilight Saga' made her who she is.

The 24-year-old actress, who dated her former co-star Robert Pattinson for four years until mid-2013, admits the franchise has had a profound affect on her personal life and career even though the final movie was released in late 2012.  

The brunette beauty said: "On an exceptionally obvious note, it's opened a lot of doors, but I've become who I am because of that. It was five years of my life."  

She added: "I was able to work for years and years on something that took so much out of all of us and did not leave us empty, replaced every bit that it took. That's why I love to do my job, it was just a very elongated version of that.  

"It was something that was really personal for a couple of years. It's a part of whom I am."   

The 'Camp X-Ray' star plays a prison guard and soldier in the new movie and is now attracted to parts that ask "bigger questions."  

She explained to E! News: "My initial motive to want to be a part of this is just that there was a really simple, intimate, interior story going on in a place that asks bigger questions. So I think the movie, while remaining entirely objective, is a reminder - it doesn't answer any questions but it asks them."   

She added: "I don't think we're shedding any light on something that people didn't know about before, but I just think it's a little hypothetical shred of what might happened there once and maybe again soon."