A flick knife confiscated by police. Picture: NSW Police
A flick knife confiscated by police. Picture: NSW Police

Knife find earns stern warning

AN IPSWICH magistrate has warned of the potential for something to go wrong when people carry knives.

Commenting on the prevalence of such weapons on the streets, Magistrate David Shepherd said there were almost daily reports of people being stabbed. He made the comments during the sentencing of a young man.

Hayden Ashley McFadzean, 26, from West Ipswich, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a weapon (a flick knife) at Flinders View on November 16, 2019; and possession of a drug utensil.

Prosecutor Sergeant Rose Molinaro said police saw two males seated in a parked car and investigated.

McFadzean had a flick knife, saying it was for his own safety.

Mr Shepherd asked him how often he saw news reports about people being stabbed.

“A lot,” McFadzean said.

“That’s because people are carrying knives around. People get hurt,” Mr Shepherd said.

McFadzean was ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid community service work.