Hundreds have already fallen for the fake Kmart Facebook Scam. Picture: Matt Loxton
Hundreds have already fallen for the fake Kmart Facebook Scam. Picture: Matt Loxton

Kmart’s warning over Facebook scam

KMART shoppers are being warned of a new Facebook scam that is targeting users through the promise of baby products.

The fake page Kmart_Australia uses the legitimate Kmart logo as a profile image and has been targeting Australians through sponsored advertising.

The advertisement invites shoppers to enter their details in the hope of winning six months worth of Johnson's baby products.

The Kmart advert looks legitimate and is fooling hundreds.
The Kmart advert looks legitimate and is fooling hundreds.

Once users click into the advert they are taken to a third party site that gathers users private information.

Users are asked a series of questions including "what is your household income" and "how many children do you have".

To finish the quiz, consumers have to disclose an email address and contact phone number.

It is not known what entity is collecting the data and where user details are going.

Hundreds of Facebook users have already fallen for the scam and have taken to Facebook to warn others.

Practical Parenting has reported that many of its users have begun to report the scam after already filling in their information.

"This is a scam everyone, a good scam at that", warned one.

"Sh*t, I have just entered and answered a stack of questions", replied Facebook user Liana.

A Kmart Australia spokeswoman told that the retailer took this information seriously and asked anyone who came across it to report it to Scamwatch.

"We can confirm this is not a Kmart promotion. This information shared has been taken extremely seriously and we are committed to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to report this. We encourage anyone that has been effected by fraudulent activity to report them to Scamwatch at or report to Facebook," they said.

"Alternatively customers can get in contact with our customer service team who will also raise this with Scamwatch."


Scams on social media are nothing new and potential fraudsters are increasingly creating more sophisticated scams.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently warned of over 40 scams on Facebook regarding the current Bushfire Crisis.

Fraudulent fundraising pages have been popping up claiming to raise funds for people who have passed away or lost everything in the fires.

Another scam involves fraudsters creating fake "news stories" that mimic Australian publications, including

The scams offer Samsung galaxy S10 smartphones for a ridiculously low-price in order to lure consumers in and steal their data.