Ralph Huston has been busy repairing electrical appliances.
Ralph Huston has been busy repairing electrical appliances. Warren Lynam

Kleenmaid bosses jail sentences 'too harsh' says victim

RALPH Huston had many reasons to wish revenge on the Kleenmaid directors behind the $100 million collapse of the white goods company.

He lost his $40,000 franchise to repair Kleenmaid products when the business went broke.

And he also lost his ability to earn an income.

But he felt the jail sentences imposed on two former directors, Grant Collyer Armstrong and Bradley Wendell Young, were too harsh.

Young, 49, was found guilty of charges of fraud and insolvency last week and given a nine-year jail term after a lengthy eight week trial.

Young's co-director Gary Collyer Armstrong was given a seven-year sentence last year after pleading guilty to a similar charge.

Andrew Eric Young , another director and the founder, is still waiting for a date to be set for his trial.

Mr Huston said the sentence imposed was "more than some buggers get for killing someone".

"The world moves on, I've moved on," he said.

"It was years ago. We lost the $40,000 franchise fee and all the work we lost, we were hurting.

"But we have built back up and there are three lots of us still on the Coast, still doing Kleenmaid stuff."

He was surprised the court process took so long.

"Those guys have suffered the whole time. To add the jail term is a bit horrendous," he said.

"All those years they have been waiting for some sort of result. It is part of the court system failure."

Seven years after the Kleenmaid collapse, he continues to regularly work on the product as Ralph Huston Appliance Service and Sales.