MILESTONE: Chris and Rob Patch celebrate 50 years of the Kingaroy Peanut Van.
MILESTONE: Chris and Rob Patch celebrate 50 years of the Kingaroy Peanut Van. Claudia Williams

Kingaroy celebrates 50 years of iconic peanut van

THE Kingaroy Peanut Van has become a place visitors to the South Burnett must check off their list.

As the van celebrates 50 years on Kingaroy St owners Rob and Chris Patch couldn't be more proud of the institution it has become.

"The van was virtually the first visitor information centre. It was the go-to place to find what was going on and where things were. It has been iconic for a long time," Chris said.

When the van's original owner Ruth Davies sold the business to Chris and Rob she gave them a key piece of advice that has ensured the van's longevity.

She said, 'You don't hire a person, you higher an attitude' and we have stuck with that. The ladies talk the leg off an iron pot and that has made the van more a feature rather than a business," Rob said.

The van's employees, past and present, gathered at the Kingaroy RSL on Saturday to share stories and celebrate half a century of the peanut van.

As former peanut farmers the van provides Chris and Rob with the opportunity to educate visitors and encourage them to support farmers by buying 100 per cent Australian grown produce.

"It has been such a disappointing year for peanut growers and it is hard to celebrate when you know people are struggling," Chris said.

"You see the peanuts out now, well you can't see the peanuts you see the bushes, and there are hardly any peanuts around the South Burnett."

"In saying that we have got to keep going and show Australia that it has been 50 years and hopefully it will still be here in another 50."