PASSIONATE: King Wong from Papa Sushi and Bar.
PASSIONATE: King Wong from Papa Sushi and Bar. Inga Williams

Sushi bar adds another flavour to Ipswich's growing menu

IPSWICH is home to a range of outstanding cafes and restaurants.

We are treated to a range of international dishes across the city and now we can add a very traditional Japanese restaurant to the list.

Enter Papa's Sushi and Bar on Ellenborough St, and you'll be struck by the colour and vibrancy as well as its very rich timber tables.

There is an elegance and order about a Japanese restaurant. King Wong is manager of the restaurant, he is excited to bring this cuisine to Ipswich.

"It is a very traditional Japanese venue from our staff uniforms to menu and décor," he said.

Being across from the cinema complex it has easy access to the mall as well as ample off-street parking around the venue. It fits well into the ever changing and maturing top of town precinct.

"We want people to try traditional Japanese dishes in a fine dining experience. There is nothing else like this in Ipswich and we are pleased to bring it to the city."

When dining at Pappa's Sushi and Bar you can see the chef, who has 10 years experience with this cuisine, preparing, cooking and bringing your meal to life.

"Everything is fresh and hot as it comes to the table. It is a totally different experience for the diner," he said.

You will be struck by the colour and artistic form that the Japanese tradition takes on. The variety of sushi, yakisoba, which is like a noodle dish, is very popular.

"We have deep fried chicken, Teriyaki chicken, deep fried prawns, crab and scallops," Mr Wong said.

"It is our very own sauce, known only to the chef and myself, that adds that signature to all our dishes. Sauces are central to Japanese cooking, it is said that sauce is the soul, the heart of the dish," Mr Wong said.

"We will change the menu every three months or so, we will keep the popular dishes but add some new ones to provide variety for our diners. We have thousands of dishes in Japan so we want to share many of these with Ipswich," he said.

Many locals are familiar with other Asian cuisines, especially Chinese and Thai.

"Thai has some very strong tastes while Chinese tends to be a hot or spicy food, Japanese food is quite different again, I am hoping that Ipswich people will give the restaurant a try."

To make it easy they have introduced some mixed specials and this will allow you to try the different dishes and decide what you fall in love with.

They are currently applying for a liquor license and they will serve the traditional sake along with a range of other popular beverages.

Japanese cuisine is mainly focused on entrée and main meal but they do have some desserts available and you can finish off a delicious meal, with the traditional Japanese green tea considered to be a good refresher.

The restaurant is trading lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday.