Kids ‘forced’ to sing hippy climate change songs

A GOLD Coast dad has pulled his 10-year-old son out of school in protest after students were encouraged to 'dress like hippies and sing climate change songs'.

Matt Karlos, a professional pilot, withdrew his son Max from Bilambil Public School 'near Tweed Heads last week over concerns the youngster was being brainwashed by 'greenie' teachers.

"Max has come home a few times over the last couple of months a bit concerned about some of the green ideologies being pushed on him," he said.

Matt Karlos with his son Max outside Bilambil Public School. Picture: AAP image, John Gass
Matt Karlos with his son Max outside Bilambil Public School. Picture: AAP image, John Gass

"The last straw was early last week when they held a Green Day and wanted the kids to dress up like hippies and sing climate change and environmental songs like (Joni Mitchell's) Big Yellow Taxi.

"Max didn't want a bar of that so we're looking around for another school."

Max said: "Why would I want to dress like a hippy? Hippies just sit around all day doing nothing."

Mr Karlos, who has had a long-running battle with environmentalists and the Greens-dominated Tweed Shire Council over water mining on his family property, said schools should not be pushing 'green political agendas'.

"Kids like (Swedish teenage climate activist) Greta Thunberg are being used as pawns," he said.

"I called the Bilambil school principal and told him if they want to teach kids about environmental awareness, teach them something practical such as good agricultural practices and land management in farming.

"Get the kids to dress up as farmers, not hippies."

A NSW Education spokesman said Year 3 and 4 students were studying 'the theme of change' through topics including 'the survival of living things, animal and plant-farming processes and 'different views of how to manage places and environments'.

"Students choices for study included climate change, the changes brought by plastic pollution and possible remedies …" he said.

"No political content has been taught."