Brittany Lauga and Barry O'Rourke are among the regional Queensland MPs in danger of losing their seats
Brittany Lauga and Barry O'Rourke are among the regional Queensland MPs in danger of losing their seats Steph Allen

Keppel MP says reshuffle of Queensland cabinet necessary

PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk and her deputy Jackie Trad continue to deny the handling of the Adani approvals process impacted the way Queenslanders have voted, but Labor's regional MPs have little doubt.

Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga says a cabinet reshuffle is needed to include regional MPs.

However she ruled herself out saying if she was asked to serve she would decline.

"One day I'd love to be a Minister, but it's not my time," she said yesterday.

"But we definitely need someone who understands the complexities of regional Queensland.

"The election showed the issues are very different to the south east.

"There was quite a large improvement in the Green vote in the south east and for One Nation in the regions, so if we are going to govern for all of Queensland we need to understand the messages Queenslanders sent."

Mrs Lauga said she'd heard the message that mine workers needed to know their jobs were safe and they had a career in the industry.

"Adani was clearly part of that message, but not the only part," she said.

"Some of (Labor's) policies were a bit hard hitting - they scared people.

"At the end of the day, people want a secure job and they don't want to be taxed too much.

"Mine workers in Queensland believed Labor was going to take their jobs.

"We need to give them confidence ... we haven't properly articulated that."

Mrs Lauga has been criticised in the past because she's never mentioned Adani in the Queensland parliament, despite it being a key issue in her electorate.

Yesterday she said she supported the project and other coal mining projects, including thermal coal, and acknowledged there was "possibly issues" with the State Government's communication with Adani.

"Yes, I support the project," she said.

"We have to clear that this is a project with the Coordinator-General's approval.

"It's (Adani's) compliance with the conditions of approval.

"We have some of the toughest environmental laws in the world and Queenslanders expect that."

She says now is a time for reflection and how Labor responded to its reflections was "incredibly important to how we retain government at the next election".