ON THE GO: Three development applications were considered by council.
ON THE GO: Three development applications were considered by council.

Kennels, greenhouses and more: council approved developments

BEFORE breaking ground on any project, would-be developers have to submit a detailed application to their local council, with ultimate approval of the project being decided during council meetings.

In their first meeting since the election, the new Somerset Regional Council considered three development applications, some old and some new.

Boarding Kennel

The plan to construct a boarding kennel at 166 Lowood Hills Road at Lowood has been the subject of negotiations for many years.

Back in 2014, council refused the application, only for the decision to be successfully appealed at the Planning and Development Court.

In 2016, by order of the court, the project was approved under a set of conditions, one of which was that the application would lapse on April 12, 2020 if work had not begun.

In March, the developer wrote to council requesting an extension of the currency period for an additional two years, to April 12, 2022.

Council last week approved the extension, though the other conditions of the development - including restricted hours of operation, the construction of acoustic barriers and vegetation screening - remain unchanged.

If completed, the site will comprise five kennel blocks, as well as runs and exercise yards, utility buildings and reception.

The site would be able to accommodate up to 150 animals but no breeding or training of animals would be allowed on the premises.

Horticulture operation

A property on Lowood Minden Road at Tarampa could soon become the site of a massive new horticulture operation.

The proposed project includes the construction of eight greenhouse blocks, each containing ten 70 x 58 metre greenhouse rows.

The property is affected by a flood hazard overlay, making it necessary for the greenhouses and other developments on the property to include elevation plans.

Councillors gave their approval to the project, subject to various conditions outlined by council's planning officers.

New house

A smaller-scale project discussed during the meeting is the planned installation of a secondary dwelling at 48 Millewski Road, Minden.

The owner is seeking to move a new four-bedroom removal house onto the property, which will then undergo an extension.

This property will be considered the primary dwelling, with the current, smaller structure being downgraded to the secondary dwelling.

Council approved the application with little discussion.

More information on these, and other projects can be found on the council website: https://www.somerset.qld.gov.au/