Ipswich and District Rifle Club member Ken Lobwein finished off another successful year with 2 recent competition wins.
Ipswich and District Rifle Club member Ken Lobwein finished off another successful year with 2 recent competition wins. David Nielsen

Ken shooting for local glory

KEN Lobwein doesn't think too far ahead these days ... he doesn't really have to.

After more than 30 years on the shooting range, the 59-year-old has decided there is more than enough competition close to home to worry about chasing higher honours.

When you have a look at his record, and his local competition, it is hard to argue with that plan.

Lobwein has represented Queensland 10 times, travelled to South Africa as part of the Australian shooting team and won the Ipswich club championship three times.

Recently though, the rifle shooter has been focusing on events closer to home with plenty of success.

In the last month, Lobwein has won the Sunday shot event and grand aggregate at the Darling Downs Prize Meeting as well as a win at the Lilley District Prize Meeting.

During the Darling Downs event in Warwick, Lobwein missed just one bullseye in 60 shots on his way to the grand aggregate title.

Lobwein said he was pleased to be shooting so well in the final prize meetings of the year before taking on his long-term local rival Rob Rush in the final club event of the season.

"That's probably the best I've finished a year for a while," Lobwein said. "One of my goals nowadays is to win the club championship. That's normally about me and Rob."

Lobwein said shooting at the same club as Rush had been both an advantage and a curse over the course of his career.

"He is always lurking around," Lobwein said of the multiple national champion.

"A lot of the time he beats me.

"I think because he's been such a good shooter for so many years, that has helped me develop as well.

"It's hard trying to keep up with him but it's a good challenge to try and beat him."

While beating Rush has proved nearly impossible for many at the Ipswich club, Lobwein is one of the few that can hold his head high.

With three club championships already under his belt, Lobwein said a fourth may have to wait another year or two.

"I'm lucky enough to be the reigning club champion but I think Robby might pip me this year," he said. "I only ever wanted to win that trophy once and I've won it three times so I'm happy."

Lobwein hasn't ruled out competing for his state again but for now his focus is closer to home.

"They've asked me to nominate for state teams recently but I've held off because I've already done 10 of them," he said.

For now then, Lobwein's sights are firmly set close to home and with Rush lining up next to him at his home range, good competition will never be far away.