Greg Jacko Lyons talks about the Queensland Times tablet offer.
Greg Jacko Lyons talks about the Queensland Times tablet offer. Rob Williams

Keeping tabs on Ipswich

Greg 'Jacko' Lyons is passionate about Ipswich, and loves finding out more every day about how our city has been shaped throughout history.

As he prepares to head overseas for an long overdue holiday, Jacko will be keeping in touch with Ipswich news, views and stories on his beloved Ipswich Jets thanks to the Queensland Times website.

Jacko runs the Lost Ipswich site on Facebook which has a huge, loyal following from people keen to retain the history of our city and enjoys researching things about Ipswich that many may even not be aware of.

"There are some great stories out there and I'm always saying to people find out from relatives their memories of Ipswich," Jacko said. "You only need to on the search facility on the QT website to find some great articles from the past, and the QT goes back to the 1800's!

"It's so much easier than going through the microfiche at the library, it's mind boggling how much information is out there.

"There is so much history in this town, and many people don't appreciate just how much of that can be found online," Jacko said.

Jacko also likes to keep on top of local sports news, and finds that is the place to go for news, results and interviews.

"We are so rapt to have the relationship we do with the Queensland Times, they have a great team and are so supportive of not only what we do at the Ipswich Jets as a club and a footy team.

As a subscriber Jacko not only gets full access to the QT website, but also a digital edition of the paper delivered automatically to his tablet PC.

As a bonus he also gets the same with the Courier Mail with his QT subscription. How's that for local and state news coverage?

For a limited time, full digital access to thousands of stories at The Queensland Times also comes with a Samsung Galaxy 8 Tab A when you take out a 12-month subscription.

Phone 1300 361 604 to sign up for the deal now before it's gone.

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