Katter's deputy happy with result

THE Boonah seat of Beaudesert is back in LNP hands.

Katter's Australian Party state leader, and ex-LNP member, Aidan McLindon was unseated by LNP candidate Jon Krause.

Mr Krause won the seat easily with 46.25% of the primary vote to Mr McLindon's 27.26%.

Mr Krause said he was happy to return the seat to the LNP.

"I'm humbled and privileged to be elected by the people here," he said.

"I certainly expected the election (statewide) to be a lot closer than it was."

Despite the loss Mr McLindon said he was happy with the result his party received.

"Beaudesert was just one piece in a very big jigsaw puzzle," he said.

"We're very heartened with our results across Queensland."

Mr McLindon said he would consider his future in the coming weeks but remained committed to the KAP.

He did not rule out the possibility of running for the party again in a federal election.