Katter plans next move after Premier’s apology

KATTER'S Australian Party is weighing up its options for further legal action after Annastacia Palaszczuk was forced to apologise for contempt in parliament.

The Premier has offered her "unreserved and sincere apology" for stripping parliamentary staff funding from the KAP after its state MPs refused to denounce former senator Fraser Anning over "final solution" comments during his maiden speech to federal parliament.

Her apology followed an ethics committee finding that her actions "amounted to an improper interference with the free performance by KAP members of the members' duties as members".

KAP's state leader Robbie Katter said the party would not decide whether to refer the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions until it had thoroughly investigated the ethics committee's findings.

"Ironically, we don't have the parliamentary staff here to get across a 34-page document that's just handed to us in the midst of debate," he said.

"We're overloaded at this point of time and we'll certainly be considering our options going forward.

KAP’s state leader Robbie Katter
KAP’s state leader Robbie Katter

"We just want to see that the public's expectations are met in dealing with this issue."

Mr Katter took the Premier's apology with a grain of salt.

"It's very difficult to feel vindicated when I have to sit there and listen to another 20 minutes of accusations and name-calling from the same party that's just offered the apology," he said.

"That does make it pretty difficult to swallow.

"It makes it seem a bit disingenuous to make a qualified apology like that."

The committee also called for a new set of guidelines on crossbench resourcing to be developed.

Mr Katter said it was a long time coming.

"We've again, on the crossbench, had to force something that's been recommended there for 30 years, which goes straight to the heart of the original issue," he said.

"We're victimised in this parliament by the major parties and we have to bark pretty loud when we're picked on."

KAP dropped Fraser Anning from the party last year.