KARL Stefanovic has publicly slammed Married At First Sight's "weak" groom Dean and called him out for avoiding being interviewed on the Today show.

In Sunday night's episode, it was revealed that the cheating groom had slept with his wife Tracey following last week's dinner party - just hours after a secret tryst saw him planning to dump her for fellow contestant Davina.

Dean and Davina were plotting to run off together. Picture: Channel 9
Dean and Davina were plotting to run off together. Picture: Channel 9

He then doublecrossed Davina, telling her he wanted to stay with Tracey after all, in a 180-degree flip that still has our heads spinning.

During an interview with Married's Charlene and Patrick on Today on Tuesday, Karl revealed he'd been attempting to have Dean reappear on the breakfast program.

"We have repeatedly asked Dean to come on the show - the invitation stands," he said, before co-host Georgie Gardner asked: "Has he turned us down?"

"He's turned me down," Karl replied bluntly.

"He won't come on the show. I won't say too much, but the guy is soft if he doesn't want to come on the show and answer."

Speaking directly to the camera, Karl laid down a challenge.

"Dean, come and have a chat to me if you are watching. Just come on the show and explain yourself. At the moment, it's just weak."

It's no surprise Dean isn't keen to return to Today, given how his first appearance went.

Early on in the Married season, before there was even any talk of an affair, the creative director was given a serve by Karl for his "sexist" views on relationships.

After introducing him on Today as "the most hated man in Australia", Karl continued to call him out.

Karl: "When you first saw Tracey, what did you think?"

Dean: "I thought she was beautiful, I thought she was amazing, and I was very impressed."

Karl: "You had other things to say."

Dean: "Oh, about other parts of her body ..."

Karl: "Which I guess is old-school language, at best, and sexist at worst. And offensive."

Dean: "You think it is?"

Karl: "I think so."

Dean: "What, specifically?"

Karl: "I'm not going to say it on breakfast television."

Speaking to news.com.au afterwards, Dean said the situation "broke his heart".

"I personally don't think anything I said was sexist and it breaks my heart for people to think I'm sexist because that's not who I am at all."