Rio bronze medallists David Edwards (left) and Kieran Modra.
Rio bronze medallists David Edwards (left) and Kieran Modra. Chris Lees

Karana Downs guide shares in surprise Paralympics success

KIERAN Modra and his guide David Edwards had to borrow a jacket for their bronze medal ceremony, after success in the men's time trial B was so unexpected.

The cycling pair were focused on the individual pursuit on the track and missed out on the finals last week.

Modra, who has impaired vision, said the time trial bronze actually felt like a gold medal.

"It's not something we expected," he said.

"We came into (the pursuit) with great expectation and then we just hit an incredible low, and then to claw ourselves back out of that in the road.

"We had absolutely no expectations whatsoever, I was thinking probably eighth."

Karana Downs-based Edwards said it was unbelievable.

"It's funny how it goes, with the pursuit we put everything into it, all training was focused on that, and then the chances of getting a medal after that just dropped so significantly," he said.

"Today we went out thinking we've got nothing to lose we will just bury ourselves."

Edwards was relieved. "It's also so, so amazing to get something back for the effort and all the work we've put in and everyone in the background, there's so many other people that this is for," he said.

Modra said Edwards didn't believe he'd won bronze, even after he was told he had.

"It took a long time to sink in," he said.

"He didn't just ask one person, he asked another to check the result."

Modra, competing at his fifth Paralympics, vomitted as he finished.

Asked if it was worth it, Edwards gave a resounding yes.

Modra said his guide was fantastic during the race.

"He (Edwards) really helped me a lot in that race, he gave me lots of prompts and a lot of information, so I could keep driving as hard as I could," he said.