SKY-HIGH THRILLS: Tom Robinson will be showing off his skills at the Ipswich Show as part of the FMX Kaos Show.
SKY-HIGH THRILLS: Tom Robinson will be showing off his skills at the Ipswich Show as part of the FMX Kaos Show.

Kaos team back due to popular demand

THEY were a smash hit last year, and this year the FMX Kaos team have raised the bar thanks to the help of a local rider added to the roster.

FMX Kaos International Freestyle Team is the first original and one of the largest freestyle motocross teams in Australia, and you can see them for yourselves at this year's Ipswich Show.

The team is on such a roll, having performed over 2000 shows around Australia and overseas. Over the past 17 years the team has constantly pushed the limits to bring spectators the craziest tricks possible.

FMX Kaos pride themselves on being the innovators and always bring something new to the show.

They are also responsible for building the first ever portable landing ramp on the back of a bus in the world.

As a team they have some of the most professional and experienced riders in the nation. Tom Robinson and Boonah's Callum Shaw have travelled the world performing Freestyle Moto X on the biggest stages.

Tom and Callum are a few of the most consistent, internationally known racers in the country. They are known for their huge tricks such as the Rocksolid, Double Heart Attack, No Handed Catwalk and last but not least the craziest trick ever performed on a motorcycle called the Backflip.

What's a "backflip" you ask? Come along to the Ipswich Show and find out for yourself!

"I've been riding since I was about eight years old," Callum said. "I grew up on a property and now live on a property in Boonah."

Callum says it can take years to learn a trick, and some are harder than others to master.

"It really can take years to learn a new trick, but it depends on how hard you're willing to push it. It's just one of the things, there is no set time to learn a trick.

"For example the 'Backflip' is hard to do, many riders struggle with it and for a long time I couldn't get my head around it. I can do them now pretty consistently," Callum said. "Naturally I've had a few crashes doing it but that's not a regular thing. It's bad luck mostly if you fall off. You never want to crash but if you are trying hard it can happen."

FMX Kaos team riders Tom and Callum's extension and crazy execution with their tricks is second to none, and an experience not to be missed. They always provide a world class performance, which leaves the crowd in total awe of what can be performed on a motorcycle.

FMX Kaos will be performing at the Ipswich show from May 19 to 21.

Don't miss out on the craziest freestyle shows ever, with a few of the best riders in the world.

FMX Kaos have something special in store for you Ipswich. See you there, come say g'day and catch up with the boys after the show.

"I'm really excited to be performing at the Ipswich Show," Callum said. "I'm excited to do it in my local area."

You can follow FMX online and see what's in store for you at