Kanye West and James Corden during Airpool Karaoke.
Kanye West and James Corden during Airpool Karaoke.

Kanye boasts about massive tax return

Kanye West boasted about the size of his massive tax refund in a typically bizarre segment with talk show host James Corden.

To promote his new Jesus Is King gospel album that dropped on the weekend, Kanye was a guest on Corden's hugely popular Carpool Karaoke segment albeit with a slight twist.

The segment, which isn't available to view in Australia yet, was filmed on a plane mid-flight and was dubbed "Airpool Karaoke".

The TV host and rapper sat next to each other while surrounded by members of Kanye's Sunday Service choir who performed several songs from Jesus Is King during the flight.

Kanye's latest album has divided fans with its intensely religious themes, which the controversial artist spoke about to Corden.



"God's always had a plan for me and he wanted to use me, but I think he wanted me to suffer more and wanted people to see my suffering and see my pain and put stigmas on me and have me go through all the human experiences," Kanye said.

"So now, when I talk about how Jesus saved me, more people can relate to that experience. If it was just, 'We grew up with this guy and he's a superstar', it's less compelling than this guy who had a mental breakdown and this guy was in debt."

Kanye also said God was "using me to show off", citing his recent tax return as an example.

"Last year I made $115 million ($A167 million) and still ended up $35 million ($A51 million) in debt," he said. "This year, I looked up and I just got $68 million ($A99 million) returned to me on my tax returns."



The rapper told Corden he talked about his income because "people need to hear someone that had been put into debt by the system talk about these kind of numbers now that they're in service to Christ".

This is the first time Kanye has participated in a Carpool Karaoke-esque segment on The Late Late Show after bailing on Corden more than once in the past.

"He cancelled once as I was turning the corner to his house," Corden revealed last year. "I was in a car and by the time the call finished, I sat outside his house and they were like, 'He's not in the zone for it right now. We'll do it another time'."

Kanye apologised to Corden by sending him "a cube of flowers" and a pair of Yeezys.

"People were, like, 'Whoa, they're so expensive', and I was, like, 'Yeah, they cost my show $45,000'," Corden joked.