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Justin Bieber ends show after pelted by water bottle

JUSTIN Bieber won't forget Brazil in a hurry.

The 19-year-old pop star reportedly cut short a concert over the weekend after being hit by a water bottle on stage.

Per Britain's The Telegraph, the drama went down while the teen titan was headlining a concert at Arena Anhembi in Sao Paulo on Saturday night.

A shirtless Bieber was serenading the crowd with his chart-topping track Boyfriend, when a fan threw a water bottle on stage, striking the singer and knocking the microphone out of his hand.

Peeved, the singer gave the audience the evils before taking off. He left the stage and did not return to sing his usual encore song Baby, which the fans were apparently expecting to hear him croon.

According to reports, fans were left waiting 30 minutes for the singer's return, but then the lights came up and the crew started packing up for the night.

Reviewer Felipe Gladiador, writing for Brazil's R7 website, said of Bieber's stage dash: "The scene was so shocking that even his dancers couldn't believe what they had seen.

"The fans didn't know what was going on and stayed in their seats half an hour, hoping that he would come back to finish the show," Felipe said.

"The public called for him, sang Baby, and yet nothing. The lights came on, Bieber's team started to take the equipment away and the fans realised it wasn't going to happen. In the end there was no farewell, no thanks and no rendition of his most famous song."

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