There's been no verdict yet from jurors at Brisbane District Court.
There's been no verdict yet from jurors at Brisbane District Court. John Weekes

Jury out after claims man called ex a 'putrid waste of time'

ACCUSED of a five-year reign of terror, Peter Mark Wright will soon learn his fate.

He has pleaded not guilty to domestic violence offences allegedly inflicted on his former partner from 2010-2015.

The 25-year-old former partner told Brisbane District Court the relationship started when she lived in Caboolture and he in Ipswich.

Summing up the case, Judge Terry Martin told jurors Mr Wright was accused of once driving the woman to the bush, not letting use her phone or drink water, then tying her "with zip-ties to a tree”.

Mr Wright allegedly asked: "Do you love me?” and she replied that if he loved her, he would not treat her that way.

He allegedly then said "You're f---ed, c---” and poured caustic soda over her, before releasing her.

The judge outlined a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm whilst armed.

To find Mr Wright guilty of that, jurors would have to decide Mr Wright was armed with a hammer at Bundaberg when the woman was pregnant, and that he struck her ribcage twice with hard blows.

The former partner, a mother of five, said she could not lift her arm for nine weeks after the alleged incident.

A charge of common assault followed allegations Mr Wright strangled the woman and she passed out.

Defence counsel Patrick Wilson reminded jurors the alleged victim admitted being "so heavily drug affected” she didn't know how her children survived.

Such drug use raised questions of accuracy "across the entirety of her evidence”, Mr Wilson said.

And the woman's half brother, currently in jail, said she asked him to make a false statement to get Mr Wright in trouble.

The half brother also said the woman received caustic soda burns after an accident when cooking drugs.

Mr Wright was also accused of punching the woman and fracturing her jaw so that she needed surgery to fix the damage.

In her closing address, prosecutor Sandra Cupina told jurors Mr Wright referred to his former partner as a "putrid waste of time”.

Ms Cupina said the woman was in a dysfunctional environment which was not supportive to her complaining to police earlier.

"That community is an explanation for her behaviour.”

"For five years she's been conditioned not to say anything about what he's been doing to her.”

The jury retired on Thursday to consider the evidence and will continue deliberating on Friday morning. -NewsRegional