Alleged murder victim Michael McCabe.
Alleged murder victim Michael McCabe.

Alleged murderer ‘felt so sorry’, feared for own life

ACCUSED murderer Jason Douglas Taylor told police he didn't want to look at a photo of Michael McCabe, claiming he "felt so sorry for that bloke".

Taylor, in the company of others, is alleged to have murdered Mr McCabe on or about August 15, 2015.

He has pleaded not guilty.

As his trial continued in Townsville Supreme Court today the jury heard several interviews Taylor voluntarily undertook with police in August and September 2015.

Despite not mentioning anything about Mr McCabe's death in his interview on August 18, Taylor gave a gruesome version of events when he was spoken to again on September 16.

Taylor, who told police he was illiterate, said he had only met Mr McCabe 20 minutes before two other men assaulted him.

The court heard one of those men was a friend of Taylor's and had brought him to the Burnda St apartment where Mr McCabe was allegedly attacked.

Taylor said he was at the apartment by himself before his friend, a woman, and another man who the prosecution allege was Mr McCabe arrived.

"Then that other bloke turned up and he had a beef with him (McCabe)," Taylor said in his interview.

"Old mate went up and straight started belting the f*** out of him.

"(Another man) was kicking him.

"They dragged him on the floor and just started kicking the f*** out of him even more."

Taylor said the attackers shouted at him asking if he was "in or out" to which he replied "I'm in".

The alleged murderer told police he was scared and played along out of fear.

He said prior to the attack Mr McCabe had been vomiting and "never had a chance" to defend himself.

When asked why he didn't go to the police with the information directly after the incident Taylor said he "didn't want to be charged with something I didn't really do".

Taylor was asked to identify several of the people believed to be at the apartment on the night of the alleged murder by viewing a photo board.

When he was asked to view the man who was attacked Taylor stated "I don't want to … I just feel so sorry for that bloke".

About 12 hours after giving his initial interview with police on September 16, 2015, Taylor gave another interview, claiming he "knew where the body was".

In the conversation Taylor said he was driven to a road near Crystal Creek where he believed he was going to be "knocked".

He claimed the driver, who was the same man who took him to the Burnda St apartment wanted to check Mr McCabe hadn't managed to get to the roadside.

The prosecution alleged Taylor was involved in the assault on Mr McCabe and was present when the alleged victim was originally taken to Mount Spec Rd.

The trial continues.