DAMNING footage from a mobile phone landed an animal abuser in the Charleville Magistrates Court on Monday where he plead guilty to one count of animal cruelty .

The 28-year-old local man, Zack Allan Kinivan, was caught on camera on June 25 dragging his Bull Arab-cross dog by the collar and hitting it across the nose before locking it in a covered shelter.

In court, his legal representative argued Mr Kinivan was trying to correct the animal's behaviour after the dog had pulled clothes from a clothesline.

"Imagine if Mr Kinivan was flogged every time he didn't obey," Magistrate James Blanch said.

The magistrate noted Mr Kinivan had a history of violence, mostly directed towards other people.

At the time of his court appearance, Mr Kinivan was already on parole after spending time in jail for assault.

"You are a very stupid man," Magistrate Blanch said.

"I thought you would have been trying to keep your nose clean."

In the animal cruelty case, a Biosecurity officer from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries had filmed the incident and reported the defendant to police.

Magistrate Blanch ordered Mr Kinivan to pay a $2500 fine and a conviction was recorded.

"This has been an expensive episode for being an idiot," Magistrate Blanch said.