Judge 'horrified' by mum's drug slide on school grounds

A JUDGE was left "horrified" after being told a drug-addicted mother was reintroduced to meth by another mother on school grounds.

Madison Amber Harding's 26-year history with drugs caught up with her at the end of last year.

Crown prosecutor Farook Anoozer told Dalby District Court police conducted a search at an address in Dalby on December 21 and found Harding and another person inside the house.

A mobile phone belonging to the other person was seized by police. It revealed text messages from someone by the name of "Jabber" offering to supply methylamphetamine.

In an interview, Harding admitted she went by "Jabber" and admitted to supplying the drug on a number of occasions to the value of 0.1 grams, 0.5 grams, and one gram.

SCHOOL YARD ROMP: Madison Amber Harding was re-introduced to meth by another school mum.
SCHOOL YARD ROMP: Madison Amber Harding was re-introduced to meth by another school mum. Facbook

Defence lawyer Jess Goldie told the court Harding was introduced to drugs at 18 by her boyfriend at the time, but her sole addiction in the beginning was to marijuana. She said Harding only used methylamphetamine "occasionally".

After remaining clean for 10 years before moving to Dalby, Harding was reintroduced to methylamphetamine by a mother of a child from the school Harding's son attended.

"It's almost horrifying to think that you relapsed because you were reintroduced to methylamphetamine by another mum at school," Judge Horneman-Wren said.

Harding pleaded guilty to four counts of supplying the dangerous drug methylamphetamine between September 1 and November 24 last year.

Judge Horneman-Wren sentenced Harding to 18 months' imprisonment, with immediate release on parole.

He warned against committing any more offences.

"You'll be your own jailer," he said.

"If you commit any offences you won't come back here, you'll go straight to jail.''