The 25-year-old had a drug lab, pistol and ammunition while on a suspended jail sentence.
The 25-year-old had a drug lab, pistol and ammunition while on a suspended jail sentence.

Judge blasts meth addict who had a gun

A TOOWOOMBA Supreme Court judge has blasted a meth addict who, despite being jailed for five years, returned to making the drug and when found by police he had a pistol and ammunition.

"This community can do without guns, particularly in the hands of drug addicts," Justice Peter Applegarth told Brodie Zouch Hamilton.

The 25-year-old had been jailed for five years but released after serving 18 months with the three and a half years remaining hanging over his head for five years.

However, while under that suspended sentence, he was found on September 3, last year with a clandestine drug laboratory packed up in boxes in the lounge room of a Warwick home, the court heard.

Some   of the glassware had remnants of methamphetamine which had been producing the drug for personal use, Crown prosecutor Alisha Ballantyne told the court.

Also found in the lounge was the homemade pistol and 9mm ammunition.

Hamilton, who hails from Goondiwindi, pleaded guilty to producing a dangerous drug, ossessing drug utensils and a weapon and ammunition; as well as to two counts of driving with meth in his system and a range of drug related offences.

His barrister Steve Kissick said his client had one child to a former partner and his current girlfriend was expecting his second child soon.

Justice Applegarth said Hamilton had been sentenced to five years in jail for drug trafficking and had spent more than two years in custody in separate jail stints.

"I'm not sure how much prison you need to wake up to yourself," His Honour said.

Justice Applegarth declared 283 days pre-sentence custody already served but activated the three and a half years remaining on the suspended sentence and sentenced Hamilton to another 18 months in jail but ordered he be eligible to apply for parole as of November 15.   It will be up to the Parole Board as to when Hamilton is ultimately released, he said.