Joyride in stolen car costs young passenger $500 fine

A JOYRIDE which led police on a chase from Ipswich to Lowood cost one of the passengers a $500 fine.

Joshua Waikato Pirini, 18, was picked up by a group of people in a car after he had a fight with his father on November 27.

The car had been stolen from a home in Judith St, Flinders View, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

The car in which Pirini was a passenger headed north on the Brisbane Valley and police pursued the vehicle but couldn't stop it.

The car was later seen in Lindemans Rd, Lowood, heading back towards Ipswich, with several police cars following it.

The car chase came to an end shortly before 2pm, when the car skidded to a stop on Dudleigh St North Booval.

The car came to a halt with significant force, causing three of the car's tyres to pop on impact.

The passengers ran from the vehicle, but a search of the area by the dog squad tracked down Pirini.

Magistrate Rodger Stark acknowledged Pirini was not involved in the stealing of the vehicle.

Mr Stark said Pirini should be more careful about who he associated with.

Mr Stark did not record a conviction.