Jordan: Six dead after cop opens fire at US training centre

A Jordanian policeman has opened fire on contractors working at a police training centre in the capital, Amman, killing at least six people.

The fatal shooting of two Americans, two Jordanians, and a South African took place on the outskirts of the city on Monday. The shooter was also killed.

Government spokesman Mohammed Momani said four Jordanians were also wounded in the shooting at the Al Muwaqqar base in the east of the city - with one in critical condition in hospital.

The Jordan Times reports that the unidentified attacker was shot dead but did not commit suicide as suggested in earlier reports.

Jordanian officials have launched an investigation but said it was not clear whether the shooting was intentional. 

The government is due to make an official statement on the incident later today.

The facility is funded by the US government and is used primarily to train Iraqi and Palestinian forces.

The shooting occurred on the 10th anniversary of al Qaeda suicide bombings that targeted three Amman luxury hotels, killing dozens of people in the worst militant attack in Jordanian history

The incident raises questions about Jordan's image as an island of relative stability in a turbulent region.

Jordan is a key American ally in the region and the country's government has allowed the US military to use its airfields as a base to launch strikes against Isis in Syria.

Earlier this year thousands of people took to Amman's streets to protest against Isis after a Jordanian pilot was burnt to death in a cage after being captured by the terrorist group.