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John Boyega introduced Harrison Ford into London life

JOHN Boyega bonded with his 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' co-star Harrison Ford by taking him for "Nigerian food" in London.

The 23-year-old actor struck up a friendship with the screen legend on the set of the sci-fi blockbuster, which was shot mainly at Pinewood Studios near the UK capital.

Boyega - who plays lead character Finn - took upon himself to take the Han Solo star to the neighbourhood where her grew up in Peckham to show him some "London culture".

Speaking at the European premiere of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' on Wednesday night (16.12.15), Boyega - whose parents are both Nigerian - revealed: "Harrison is a really great guy and someone who has a very big legacy. In order to break Harrison into the London culture I took him to the Old Kent Road to have some Nigerian food and he loved it. That's something I definitely remember, I love that man."

The pair dined at the 805 eatery in September 2014 and, according to The Evening Standard newspaper, one waiter shocked by his famous patron asked: "Are you Harrison Ford?"

Prompting the Hollywood icon to jokingly reply: "I used to be."

Ford ate a traditional Nigerian egusi soup and pounded yam, and quenched his thirst with a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Recalling the night the 'Star Wars' pair came to his restaurant, manager Prosper Djoufak, 34, told The Standard: "I didn't recognise him. But a customer realised and they asked me if it was Harrison Ford. At first I said no. I didn't believe it was him. I've watched his movies but he'd lost weight so he looked a bit different. When I went back I realised.

"I asked him if he was Harrison Ford and he said yes. He was just like a normal person. He was nice, very quiet."