Ipswich Pro Drive owner Dave Cullen.
Ipswich Pro Drive owner Dave Cullen.

JOBS: Driving school ‘desperate’ for new instructors

AN Ipswich driving school is "desperate" to hire new instructors as it expands into new territory, with plans to enter the market in Sydney in the next two months.

Ipswich Pro Drive now has cars based across the city and spread over Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Owner Dave Cullen is hopeful of moving into a new office on Downs St, North Ipswich within two weeks after outgrowing his previous premises.

Even as his business grows and moves interstate, he wants to keep its headquarters in Ipswich.

"The whole expansion has actually taken off a bit more than I thought it would," he said.

"(The new office) will be a little bit of a one-stop shop for driver training.

"We're putting in three driving simulators."

Truck and car lessons have resumed after coronavirus forced them to a halt.

Mr Cullen said there is no shortage of work at the moment and his instructors were being kept very busy with learner drivers eager to take up lessons again build up their hours on the road.

Pro Drive's COVID-19 procedures were given the green tick by Transport Minister Mark Bailey.

"We're desperate for instructors," Mr Cullen said.

"They can earn themselves some pretty good money. Some of them are earning $2000 a week.

"They choose their own hours. They can work when they want. But they've got to meet our strict guidelines."

The Pro Drive fleet is up to 45 cars, of which 37 are based in Ipswich, and nine trucks.

The business drops Ipswich from its name when operating outside of the region.

"We've got an arm starting in Sydney," he said.

"There's about four people doing training now to start Pro Drive in Sydney in the next two months.

"We've got four cars being built now to go down south. We're hoping we'll be able to run trucks as well.

"We're expecting the Sydney cars to probably meet Ipswich demand. I'm expecting 40 cars down there in Sydney within 12 months. That's our forecast with what we've been seeing.

"It will all be operated from Ipswich."

There are some issues to sort through to start operating in a different state but Mr Cullen said the demand is there.

"I'm hoping in the next four to five years we'll have a full call centre operating just here in Ipswich for the southern states," he said.

"There's a big push on now. I've got a couple of really good people behind me working with me towards it.

"We've got a few challenges. We've been pushing hard. It looks like it will work well."

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