NEW JOBS: JBS employees Megan Jones, Andrew Platten and Tammy Brants are the latest round of new recruits.
NEW JOBS: JBS employees Megan Jones, Andrew Platten and Tammy Brants are the latest round of new recruits. Emma Clarke

JOBS BONANZA: Major company looking for workers

THEY'RE three of the 487 new recruits at one of Ipswich's biggest employers.

Tammy Barnts, Andrew Platten and Megan Jones made it through a 2276-strong resume selection process, one of 350 information  sessions and 744 interviews to secure their jobs in the latest employment boom at JBS Dinmore.

The company wants plenty more just like them.

A major expansion at the JBS meat processing plant at Dinmore meant managers had to find hundreds of people to fill extra rolls in February if the plant was able to process at maximum capacity.

A regularly rotating work force means a pool of about 30 people need to be on standby at any time and at least 10 of those are moved into a position every week.

The Dinmore plant is ramping up to nine shifts a week after cattle stocks improved last year off the back of an 18 month downturn.

Tammy Barnts escaped the old Churchill abattoir before mass redundancies late last year.

"I left Churchill a year ago, where I was on nightshift. There were rumours about what might happen at Churchill so I came here," she said.

"I have four kids and you need a permanent job with a mortgage.

"This is the first time I've had personal leave and annual leave. The permanent position  and learning new things are the most important part."

Andrew Platten has worked at JBS at Dinmore for just over three weeks but has spent years in the industry, including at Rockhampton and in Brisbane.

When the 31-year-old and his finance moved to Ipswich after travelling the in the UK, he made a bee-line for the Dinmore plant.

"You get a day off every week and you have the option to do overtime if you want to," he said.

"Also the workload is quite good compared to other places I have worked."

Mum of three Megan Jones said she was particularly attracted to the full-time administration position at JBS after years working casually.

"I was working at Tupperware in the warehouse three days a week but I was looking for a full-time job," she said.

"It's full time work and I had been casual for a couple of years and while I was a full time mum so the full time benefits are awesome.

"So far so good."