WORKING life agrees with Connor Gerrard.

The 15-year-old beams as he rinses dishes and stacks them into the industrial dishwasher at Fish on Parkyn at Mooloolaba, where he has found employment after his resume asking potential employers to give him a chance went national.

The Chancellor State College student fielded seven phone calls over three days with offers for interviews after appearing on morning television shows and featuring on local radio.

While his dad Andrew helped with the resume, Connor's self-penned cover letter is what captured the attention of the nation.


"I'm not here to waste your time and tell you about all my fabulous credentials - the truth is I don't have any yet," he wrote.

"I'm 15 with no unbelievably awesome skills or university degrees. This is my first time off the block and I'm just a kid looking for his first job."

COMING CLEAN: Connor Gerrard has found a job washing dishes at Fish on Parkyn at Mooloolaba.
COMING CLEAN: Connor Gerrard has found a job washing dishes at Fish on Parkyn at Mooloolaba. Warren Lynam

Fish on Parkyn owner Jon Koning said Connor's honest resume made him a stand-out.

"It's nice to see that in young kids today," he said.

"So many people send in formulated resumes they download off the internet. This showed a bit of pluck."

Mr Koning was the first person to contact Connor after reading his story in the Daily and offered him a job after his interview.

Connor has worked several weekend lunch shifts as a dish hand and Mr Koning said he was already so impressed with his work ethic he plans to begin teaching him the basics of food preparation and presentation.

Although he never imagined he would get to pick where he worked for his first job, Connor said he loved where he ended up.

"It's pretty fun working here, the people are really nice," he said.

Having received his first pay packet, Connor said he would save half for his future car and put the other half towards a new XBox One console.