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J.K. Rowling writes through severe back pain

J.K. Rowling put her work over her own health on Thursday when she spent an hour lying on the floor typing out her new story idea, despite having a bad back.

The 'Harry Potter' writer had been trying to working on fresh material but was suffering with severe muscular pain and so decided to try and ease her discomfort by having a relaxing bath.

However, while she was soaking her aching body in the hot water, Rowling was struck by a moment of fictional inspiration and decided to jump out of the bath, take the pain and get writing.

The 51-year-old novelist-and-screenwriter said: "Pro tip: an hour spent typing while sitting on the bathroom floor will not help your bad back. Rather the reverse ... I started work early, back hurt, thought I'd have a bath, had idea in bath, got out of bath and started typing, stayed on floor for an hour. (sic)"

Some of Rowling's 9.05 million followers then tweeted her exercise advice to strengthen her weak back, with some recommending "pole dancing" and others detailing exercise combinations which could help.

Many mentioned Pilates as a good fitness tool to strengthen her core, and it seems the social media users proclaiming Pilates is the answer to Rowling's problems are echoing her husband Neil Murray's advice to her.

Referring to one follower named Megan who advocated Pilates, Rowling replied: "My husband appears to have set up an account in the name of Megan in a last ditch attempt to make me take his advice."

Rowling's most recent project was the 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' film which saw her pen the screenplay for Eddie Redmayne, Colin Farrell and Ezra Miller and the rest of the cast to bring to life on the big screen.