Jim Carrey’s bizarre TV interview


ACTOR and comedian Jim Carrey stopped by Good Morning America this week, where he proceeded to give the world's weirdest interview while also kind of promoting the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

As host Michael Strahan attempted to get in a few questions about the film, Carrey repeatedly jumped up and down, tried to do a football blocking drill, and used the GMA host's mic as his own. Honestly, this description isn't doing the interview justice. Just watch it:



Carrey's GMA interview began relatively normally (as far as the Ace Ventura star is concerned), with the comedian singing "Strahan" to the tune of Slow Ride on his leg guitar. "Strahan, ladies and gentlemen!" said Carrey. "Strahan, ba ba ba ba, take it easy."

Strahan then tried to introduce the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie, but he didn't succeed. As soon as Carrey dropped his leg guitar, he popped out of his chair and got on all fours (it was more like a tripod, so actually all threes), pretending to be a football lineman. "I'm afraid!" said the GMA host and former NFL player.

"Let's see if you still got it!" yelled Carrey. "Trust me, I don't!" replied Strahan. "How we're going to make it through this interview, I don't know."


Michael Strahan, we feel your pain.
Michael Strahan, we feel your pain.


Carrey finally sat down, but it still wasn't Sonic time. "How about those Iowa caucuses?" he asked. "I'm glad it just didn't turn into streptococcus. I'm glad about that."

Finally, Strahan had an opening to turn things around, and he did … for about 30 seconds. As Carrey began to discuss playing the Sonic game with his grandson, his microphone cut out. The feed cut away to stills from the film as producers attempted to swap out his mic, but it didn't deter him from finishing his schtick. "I'll just talk like this," said Carrey, leaning into Strahan's lapel. Strahan played it off, but he was clearly frazzled, and right as GMA cut to a clip, he gave a full-on Jim Halpert look to the camera.

After the Sonic clip aired, Strahan was finally able to get his heart rate down and relax. He got off his questions, and Carrey (more or less) answered. "You know what? You're fun, man," said the GMA host as they concluded. "I could do this all day long."

Could you really, though?

This article originally appeared on Decider and was reproduced with permission