Behind bars generic jail prison
Behind bars generic jail prison

Jewel thief back behind bars after ‘struggling’ in real world

A HERVEY Bay man broke into a business and stole a motorcycle because he was "struggling" to readjust to normal life after five years behind bars.

Michael Gordon Thompson pleaded guilty via videolink to 11 charges including break and enter, stealing and evading police.

On July 10 police pulled over Thompson on a motorbike with cancelled plates.

He told police he had bought the bike online and had put the old plates on it to relocate it.

Police found needles, syringes and pharmaceutical drugs that he was not authorised to have in his backpack.

On August 17, after 11pm, Thompson while in company forced a door open at a Pialba business.

CCTV showed the two arrive in a car at the back of the business.

They stole a range of items with a total value of $9560.

The prosecution said when leaving the business, Thompson opened a roller door and stole a motorcycle valued at $6000 by riding it away with the keys, a helmet and gloves.

Police executed a search warrant at his house located the stolen bike and other items.

When he found out police were in the area, Thompson fled.

More than a week later the 38-year-old was located by plain clothes police.

He attempted to run away from them and enter his girlfriend's house nearby but was wrestled to the ground.

The court heard Thompson was on parole when the offences occurred and had a significant criminal history.

Thompson's defence lawyer said he had spent five years in jail shortly before the offending.

He said on Thompson's release from custody he met a girlfriend who reintroduced him to drugs and his mother passed away.

"When his mother passed away he was looking after her cats and generally struggling to adapt after serving five years in prison," he said.

In 2014 Tompson was sentenced to six years in prison for the armed robbery of a Maryborough jewellery store.

The defence said there was no premeditation to the business break in and he was affected by drugs and alcohol at the time.

"That is consistent with the fact that he drove his own vehicle there and made no attempt to disguise himself," he said.

He was given a head sentence of 15 months imprisonment with a parole date of January 14 2021.

He was disqualified from driving for three months.