Ipswich Jets attacking mastermind Josh Cleeland.
Ipswich Jets attacking mastermind Josh Cleeland. Rob Williams

Jets radar set on Wynnum threat



ONE Tweed Seagull has already treated the Jets like a hot chip on the ground. Now it is time to travel to Wynnum and take on the other Seagulls.

The Jets will be working to avoid being dragged away from the picnic table at the Bay on Saturday.

At Wynnum, the Jets are behind the Seagulls 14 to Ipswich eight with two draws. Overall, the Seagulls still beat the Jets 23-19 and three draws.

Wynnum is a tough, unforgiving trip.

The Seagulls have won six in a row, the first time since their premiership year in 2012.

If the Jets look on the radar, they will see Sam Scarlett who is in career best form. Scarlett leads the Intrust Super Cup for try assists with 17.

The Seagulls half spoke about what he was expecting from the Jets.

"I roomed with Josh Cleeland for Residents and I lived with Kierran Moseley when we were at Penrith together," Scarlett revealed. "So there will be plenty of banter this week towards each other. I know how dangerous those two guys are and I will be making sure my team mates know too."

Jets outside back Rogan Dean reflected on what happened against the Cutters and whom he would be watchful of against the Seagulls.

"I was happy with the outcome and how we stuck in the game after losing the lead in the second half and managing to get it back and sealing the game," Dean said.

"Gebbie is definitely someone we need to control. He has been dangerous at the back for Wynnum, strong runner of the ball.

"Matiu love-Henry has been good in the games. I have seen as well. He is a talented back rower and is another player we will have to be on at all times."

After 207 metres, a try, line break and three tackle breaks against Mackay, Dean might be who the Seagulls are talking about this week.

Stop Gebbie

WYNNUM fullback Edene Gebbie has been a monster for other teams this season. He would go close to the form player in the Intrust Super Cup.

Gebbie leads the competition for tackle breaks with 80, runs 220, run metres 2606 and kick return metres 771.

He has broken the 200-metre barrier eight times this year and 300 once. He is a threat and has been for 12 games and seven tries.

Jets co-coach Ben Walker shared his thoughts on how you break down a player's game.

"We will start with his strengths, so if you look at players' strengths and why they are doing well you might also find a weakness," Walker said.

"It's important you start with strengths because players need to be just aware of that and then it will become some-thing to exploit.

"He might have a play he runs and if you can stop that, you can then force him to do it anyway and it will become a weakness.

"Players are very good at remembering strengths and weaknesses so once we highlight his strengths you hope it becomes a weakness and they will remember it and then execute it on Saturday."

Purcey's return

MICHAEL Purcell has not played since the Jets game against Redcliffe in round five.

Purcell broke his arm, putting him out until now.

In news that will excite Jets' fans, he is expected back from his injury in the next week.

The Jets have missed Purcell returning of the ball and he would have been the Residents fullback or winger if he had been fit.

Purcell has scored 60 tries for the Jets in 62 games giving him the fourth most tries for the Jets.

Purcell talked about his comeback and what he had learnt from his previous broken arm in 2018.

"Big lesson has been to wear my brace so it doesn't happen again,'' Purcell said. "It was 12 months to the day it happened last year and 12 months to the day when I want to come back.

"Initially Mackay was my target to get back but it's been pushed back by a bit longer because I felt I wasn't right and just being honest with myself," Purcell said.

"These two weeks I have felt like my confidence level is rising rapidly.

"I have seen Dr Roy and he said a few weeks full-time training. I have mentally settled with that.

"I'm back training full contact this week and I think I'll be right by next week but it'll be up to me and the coaches when I feel like I'm right and when they think the best time is for me to be back playing.

"I've been back in the gym for two weeks now with my good mates at Science of Fitness and they're doing a really good job getting me fit and ready for when the time comes to play."

Mackay feast

THE Jets had an all you can eat buffet of possession against the Cutters. The Cutters just could not hold them out.

The Jets had 63% of the ball 12 more minutes with the ball than the Cutters and forced four line dropouts.

The big wow was the Cutters made 117 more tackles than the Jets.

My big play against Mackay was Josh Cleeland's kicking game.

Cleeland kicked the ball 14 times made 279 metres and forced four line dropouts.

He kept a tremendous amount of pressure on the Cutters.

I spoke to Cleeland to find out how a kicking game works.

"So I am looking at their back three, if they are deep I want them running onto the ball and if they're shallow I want to split them up," Cleeland said.

"Depends too where on the field we are. Bomb away if we are too far out and get them coming forward. If we are attacking then I am watching their fullback.

"Is he on the short side or the long side, can he get across, how fast will he get there?''

Origin Kurt

KURT Capewell played 52 games for the Jets, scoring 20 tries and kicking two goals. This week he has been in camp with the Origin team.

During the Sharks game against the Dragons, Kyle Flanagan puts a kick down, Capewell chased it, and put pressure on and that resulted in Bronson Xerri scoring a try for the Sharks.

Gene Miles, Kevvie Walters, Darren Lockyer and Billy Slater must have liked the effort of the former Jet because 48 hours later Capewell found himself in Origin camp.

Named as 20th man, Capewell enjoyed a trip home to Charleville for the Maroons fan day and being in camp. I went in to camp and caught up with Capewell.

"I loved the trip home to Charleville, that has been the highlight," he said.

"It was a bank holiday so lots of children and people came out to see the guys.

"It's just been such a good experience, to be around the boys and I am rooming with Anthony Milford so it's been great getting to know new guys.

I asked if he knew he was close to Origin side selection.

"Had no clue I was out for breakfast and Matty Moylan knew and asked about me going in to camp I had no idea what he was talking about."

The Sharks game against the Dragons was also Capewell's 50th NRL game.

Cooper's stat

JOSH Cleeland is on 96 points for the Jets. He has scored 14 tries and 20 goals in 61 games.

A cold beer with . . .

In 1982, Wynnum won their first premiership and it had two Ipswich sons in charge. Rod Morris was captain and Des Morris was coach. It was the start of a Wynnum dynasty that would last until 1986. When the Seagulls came to town, it was like the Beatles visiting with all their stars. I sat down with Rod Morris to talk it over.

You had such an outstanding career at Swifts, Easts Tigers and Balmain. What made you go to Wynnum? My contract at Balmain was finished and I wanted to come home to live. Des was coaching and convinced me to play. I really enjoyed my time at Wynnum. It was a young team with Gene Miles and Colin Scott. If Des had not been coach, I probably do not play.

In 1982, Wynnum had a great finals series scoring 78 points to eight in three games. That's some defence. We beat Redcliffe and held them to zero then Valleys in the prelim final. Souths only scored three points in the grand final.

In round three of the 1982 State League, Wynnum beat Ipswich 18-3 at Ipswich. Do you remember playing the Jets? I never played against the Jets. I missed the State League in 1982 and I was on my way back from Sydney for the start of the season.

You are one of the few players that has played for NSW and Queensland. How did you go playing against your brother and Queensland? I knew it was part of going to Sydney that if I was going to play representative football it would be for NSW. It was strange but that was the rules at the time. Des was Queensland captain in my first game for NSW in 1979.

Origin 1980 and you were there FOG number 13, what an experience. It was a chance for people to prove that Queenslanders should be playing for Queensland. I cannot remember it being emotional but we were certainly aware of how important it was. We did not know what it would grow in to. I really enjoy Origin I go to all the games at Lang Park and I have been to a few in Sydney. It is a nice feeling to have played a part.

You were the first forward to win a man-of-the-match award in Origin in 1982, was that your best game? I think I got a cheque for $1000 that game. That was a lot of money in 1982. It was a great honour to receive that award. You could have given it to a number of players. I think 1980 and that first game will take a lot of beating. That is always my favourite game.