Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Open Day
Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Open Day

Jann Stuckey’s stinging final letter

IN her last correspondence to the electorate, Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey sent out a copy of what is her final speech to parliament in which she attacked both Labor and her own party.

"As you are no doubt aware in June last year I announced I would not be contesting the next state election in October 2020," she told constituents.


Outspoken Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey. Photo by Richard Gosling.
Outspoken Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey. Photo by Richard Gosling.

"However, I remain passionate about my community, our magnificent environment and our enviable lifestyle, which is why I delivered the speech below in the final sitting week of the Queensland parliament 2019," she wrote.

In her speech, she said the Currumbin LNP branch and local residents believed Chris Crawford to be a true community champion and were firmly behind him as a candidate.

"Disappointingly, it seems that the power and influence wielded by a few certain individuals in the LNP, including Gold Coast regional chair Roger Emmerson, want to deny him the opportunity to represent Currumbin," she said.


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Her speech also included a prolonged attack on Labor's candidate Kaylee Campradt.

"Those I have spoken to say that she is scary, but so was the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Labor's candidate cannot have the best interests of the Currumbin community at heart as she will be a puppet of the union and the Trad-dominated Labor Government," she said.

Ms Campradt did not respond at the time, and Ms Stuckey was unaware that her opponent was organising a funeral service after the sudden death of her father.

Labor has since considered legal action about the comments but Ms Campradt instead decided to write to residents to correct the record.

Labor candidate for Currumbin, Kaylee Campradt, in her electorate and with her campaign truck. Picture Glenn Hampson.
Labor candidate for Currumbin, Kaylee Campradt, in her electorate and with her campaign truck. Picture Glenn Hampson.


"The current LNP representative used the last session of parliament and her first major communication for 2020 to launch a senseless, untrue, personal attack on me. You may have seen it," she said.

"I have thought long and hard about whether or not to respond, as this is exactly the kind of rubbish that turns people off politics and makes them cynical about politicians.

"However, I have had so many of the great people I know and work with in this community express their outrage and disbelief that I thought it would be good if you heard from me directly.

"I'm a long time local, working mother, busy raising my two beautiful kids with my husband Troy. I grew up in Currumbin Valley and my parents are still there today. We love it here."

Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve chairman Andrew McKinnon contacted the Bulletin yesterday to praise Ms Stuckey, but admitted she had a "boots and all" approach to politics.

"I feel sad for Jann that she felt the need the retire. She's been here for 17 years," Mr McKinnon said.

"She did a turnaround. She hadn't supported the world surfing reserve (during the Newman Government), but she supported legislation to protect and strenuously oppose SandTunes on the beach. She's always supported the surfing community."