Meth thief grabs Nutella, steals bike, can't escape the law

A NUTELLA grab, television, and a $1300 bicycle were on the shopping list of busy thief Conor Heath.

But there was to be no riding off into the sunset for 20-year-old Heath when he pedalled away from an Ipswich sports store seated on an expensive mountain bike.

Instead his ride and other thefts landed Heath in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Conor Nathan Heath pleaded guilty to 17 charges including a series of stealing offences; fare evasion; failing to appear before court; and causing public nuisance to an ambulance crew while its paramedics were treating an ill child.

In evidence put by police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo, substantial property stolen by Heath included a 32" television from Aldi, a $259 headset from JB Hi-Fi, and a $1300 mountain bike from a Rebel Sports store.

In one theft he'd taken a jar of Nutella and 2L soft drink.

In the bike theft Heath managed to get it out of the sports store when staff had been looking the other way.

He had been chased by staff before ditching the stolen wheels. It was recovered.

Defence lawyer Brianna Edwards said Heath had significant drug problem after sniffing glue from the age of 12 before getting addicted to ice at 14.

Heath had also been addicted to alcohol but was now reducing his drug use and trying to stop.

He had spent six weeks in custody since his arrest.

Magistrate Louisa Pink accepted that his bike theft had been a spur of the moment decision but he had multiple previous convictions for stealing offences and last year had been sentenced to six months jail but received immediate parole.

"At some stage Mr Heath the light bulb has to go on. Surely you realise that if you keep on offending you will have to go to prison," Ms Pink said

"You are still young enough to benefit from rehabilitation."

Ms Pink ordered that the whole of an existing suspended six-month jail term be served.

He received lesser jail terms for other offences, and taking into account the time already spent in custody Heath will be released to parole in April.