Conlon was sentenced to more than a decade in jail but has been in custody since 2013.
Conlon was sentenced to more than a decade in jail but has been in custody since 2013. John Weekes

Jail after 'karate expert' jealousy attack

A JEALOUS drug user who stabbed his former girlfriend's new love interest has been jailed.

Jason Angus Conlon attacked Peter Marion at Sippy Downs in November 2013.

At his first trial for attempted murder last year, jurors could not reach a verdict.

But Conlon was found guilty after a retrial this year.

"I hope he's dead," Mr Conlon allegedly said after beating and stabbing the much shorter man.

"I don't care what size he is. For all I know he could've been a karate expert or something," Conlon told the first trial.

Mr Marion survived, later telling the court his attacker hit him with what seemed "like a football tackle".

At sentencing on Thursday, Conlon stood up and apologised at Brisbane Supreme Court.

"Obviously I regret what I've done and if I could take it back, I would," he told Justice Helen Bowskill.

"Things were going not too good ... and I just made some horrible mistakes. What can you do? I'm sorry for taking up the court's time."

The first trial heard Conlon was bashed in Rockhampton shortly before visiting the Statesman Circuit home.

In an amphetamine-addled fit, Conlon ran at Mr Marion from behind, knocked him down, then started punching.

Jurors also saw text messages the woman sent Conlon.

"U stabbed him [he's] dead u c---," she said at 3.13am on November 13.

Justice Helen Bowskill said Mr Marion had life-threatening injuries, including a penetrating wound to his left chest wall.

Defence counsel Carl Martinovic said Conlon was a talented artist.

The court heard Conlon spent much time in custody painting.

Conlon told a doctor drugs had "ruined" him.

He started sniffing glue at seven and by 16 used amphetamines.

Justice Bowskill said Conlon, who grew up in Cherbourg, was exposed in youth to "a considerable amount of family violence" but was otherwise well looked after.

She said although making a "terrible mistake" carried consequences, "it doesn't mean that that defines you forever".

Justice Bowskill said she'd seen "positive indications" for Conlon's rehabilitation.

Apart from attempted murder, Conlon pleaded guilty to several drug charges.

He was sentenced to 12 years jail but 1635 days served in custody was declared time served. -NewsRegional