Ipswich Logan Hornets allrounder Jack Wood had a massive thirst for runs over the weekend, smashing 128 off 78 deliveries in the Queensland Premier Grade quarter-final. Picture: Rob Williams
Ipswich Logan Hornets allrounder Jack Wood had a massive thirst for runs over the weekend, smashing 128 off 78 deliveries in the Queensland Premier Grade quarter-final. Picture: Rob Williams

Jack’s ‘bonkers’ century caps incredible Hornets weekend

"HE just went absolutely bonkers. We were under the pump and Jack played probably the best innings I've ever seen in my life.''

After watching Queensland Bulls contracted teammate Jack Wood smash 128 off just 78 balls, Ipswich Hornets captain Anthony Wilson summed it up perfectly.

"It was probably the cleanest striking . . . against a really good side,'' Wilson said, having himself remained 150 not out in the previous Queensland Premier Grade one-day clash.

However, Wood's timely innings rescued his side against a powerhouse Valleys combination, propelling the Hornets into the semi-final against Northern Suburbs on October 11.

Coming in with his team at 4/100 and in danger of not setting enough runs, Wood thumped eight sixes and nine fours.

His sensational middle order counter attack, linking with Levi Thomson-Matthews (41) and Jake Cross (38), helped Hornets reach 299 off their 50 overs.

It was Wood's first hundred at Queensland Premier Grade level.

"It was a pretty impressive way to get it,'' the Hornets skipper said.

Valleys, with three Australian players and seven cricketers who had played for Queensland, fell 36 runs short of victory, bowled out for 264 in the 47th over.

Laidley-bred left-arm wrist spinner Wood again starred with the ball, snaring 3/42 off his 10 overs.

"He had probably the best game he's ever had for us,'' Wilson said.

Hornets quicks Sean Lutter (3/50) and Adam Smith (2/43) also made valuable contributions keeping reputable openers Usman Khawaja and Lachlan Pfeffer in check at Ashgrove.

"They (Lutter and Smith) are bowling probably as good as they have for us,'' Wilson said.

"It's good to have those guys in form.

"It was a good game for us. We were massive underdogs leading into it.''

Valleys had qualified second with the Hornets seventh after the first three one-day games.

Ipswich Logan Hornets batsman Bryn Llewellyn.
Ipswich Logan Hornets batsman Bryn Llewellyn.

The Hornets quarter-final victory on Sunday came after setting a commanding total on the first day of the Queensland Premier Grade two-day competition against Gold Coast on Saturday.

First drop Bryn Llewellyn top scored with 70 as the Hornets finished the day with 7/358 at Baxter Oval.

"He's still finding his feet at the top of the order so it was good for him to get another opportunity up there and grab it,'' Wilson said.

"He and Levi (57) batted really well. That set the day up for us after lunch.''

Harry Wood and Dan Wilson also compiled fifties.

Wilson remained 66 not out batting down the order to give younger Hornets teammates an opportunity in the two-day competition.

"We've got lots of options with the bat which is a good problem to have,'' Wilson said.

"It's trying to do the best for the team on the day.

"Everyone seems to be really unselfish at the moment and they're happy to make way for other guys if that's what is best for the team.

"We seem to be clicking and having a lot of success at the moment which is good.''

Wilson said he would decide on Saturday morning whether to bat on after assessing the situation with coach Aaron Moore.

He hinted a few more runs may be needed on the flat wicket.

Ipswich Hornets captain Anthony Wilson earlier made his second highest score - 150 not out - to secure his team a quarter-final spot. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Ipswich Hornets captain Anthony Wilson earlier made his second highest score - 150 not out - to secure his team a quarter-final spot. Picture: Cordell Richardson

In his sixth season with the Hornets and fourth as skipper, Wilson said it was fantastic leading a team with so many matchwinners like Wood.

"We've got heaps of guys who can take the game away from any team and that's a pretty good position to be in,'' he said.

CAPTAIN'S MILESTONE: Wilson's innings to remember

Wilson's 150 not out the previous weekend was another such innings. He secured the Hornets a path to the quarter-finals.

It was his second highest score in Queensland Premier Grade competition after hitting 156 against Sandgate a few years ago.

"It's always good to contribute and we had to win that game as well to make the quarter-final,'' the skipper said.

"It's just a really positive environment at the moment.''

Second grade success

The Hornets Second graders also won their quarter-final on Sunday, setting up a home semi-final at Baxter Oval on October 11.

After being bowled out for 243 by Wynnum Manly in the final over, the Hornets completed the job at Yeronga.

Jacob Waters led the way with 3/47 off his 10 overs as Wynnum Manly were dismissed for 203 in the 47th over.

Middle order batsman Nick Bischoff earlier topscored with 46 where a number of Hornets players making handy contributions.

The Hornets women lost both their latest T20 matches.

Wests (5/169) were far too strong in the Round 3 clash with the Hornets only totalling 8/59.

University (4/190) beat the Hornets (3/126) in the fourth round encounter.



Qld Premier Grade One Day quarter-final (Sunday)

1st Grade: 7-Ipswich Hornets v 2-Valleys at Ashgrove

Hornets Innings

Harry Austin c McLachlan b Jeh 12 (32)

Anthony Wilson b Gode 23 (35)

Dan Wilson c Stekette b Boyce 32 (40)

Harry Wood c Stekette b Gode 5 (4)

Levi Thomson-Mathews run out (Boyce) 41 (63)

Jack Wood c McLachlan b Stekette 128 (78)

Bryn Llewellyn run out (Stevens/Pfeffer) 0 (6)

Jake Cross b Gode 38 (27)

Adam Smith not out 8 (8)

Dylan McAteer c&b Stekette 5 (6)

Sean Lutter run out (Gode/Pfeffer) 1 (1)

Extras (3lb 3w) 6

Total (50 overs) 299

FoW: 36, 44, 50, 100, 151, 174, 247, 289, 298, 299.

Bowling: Jack Wildermuth 10/0/65/0; Mark Stekette 10/1/44/2

Z Jeh 10/1/53/1; Andrew Gode 10/0/65/3; Cameron Boyce 10/0/69/1.

Valleys Innings

Lachlan Pfeffer c Austin b J.Wood 59 (70)

Usman Khawaja c Thomson-Mathews b Smith 15 (19)

Andrew Gode b Llewellyn 15 (11)

Jack Wildermuth b J. Wood 18 (28)

Nick Stevens c Austin b Lutter 45 (66)

J. Beath lbw J. Wood 49 (34)

O. Lynch c Lutter b Smith 12 (14)

D. McLachlan run out (Llewellyn) 13 (22)

Cameron Boyce not out 18 (12)

Mark Stekette b Lutter 2 (4)

Z. Jeh c Cross b Lutter 0 (1)

Extras (1b 8lb 6w 3nb) 18

Total (46.2 overs) 264

FoW: 43, 67, 114, 126, 199, 219, 238, 246, 264, 264.

Bowling: Adam Smith 8/0/43/2; Harry Wood 5/0/43/0; Bryn Llewellyn 9/1/33/1; Sean Lutter 8.2/0/50/3; Jack Wood 10/0/42/3; Dylan McAteer 6/0/45/0.

Hornets win by 35 runs.

2nd Grade: 2-Ipswich Hornets v 7-Wynnum Manly at Yeronga (Sunday)

Hornets Innings

Nick De Giusti c Durante b Lloyd 19 (22)

Michael Topp b Plumb 32 (29)

Lachlan Prince c Lloyd b Gossett 43 (45)

Noah Emerson b Gossett 11 (14)

Greg Carter lbw b Gossett 4 (7)

Matt Andrews c Durante b Gossett 8 (26)

Nick Bischoff c Robertson b Plumb 46 (55)

Rowan Lutter c Durante b Harrison 24 (51)

Will Trigar not out 20 (26)

Jacob Waters b Lloyd 16 (16)

Josh Creevey run out 1 (2)

Extras (2b 5lb 16w) 23

Total (49.5ov) 243

FoW: 46, 53, 90, 100, 119, 119, 190, 213, 241, 243.

Bowling: S. Hetherell 10/0/53/0; C. Lloyd 9.5/2/46/2; J. Plumb 10/0/57/2; T. Gossett 10/0/36/4; J. Harrison 10/0/44/1.

Wynnum Manly Innings

J. Harrison b Waters 66 (95)

D. Rodgers c Andrews b Waters 17 (35)

I. Robertson c Carter b Lutter 11 (19)

C. Carroll c Andrews b Emerson 9 (19)

A. McDermott c Waters b Trigar 47 (49)

H. Taylor lbw Waters 0 (1)

T. Gossett b Topp 7 (13)

J. Plumb b Topp 0 (2)

C. Lloyd c Waters b Trigar 19 (19)

C. Durante not out 10 (14)

S. Hetherell run out (Lutter) 5 (10)

Extras (5b 7w) 12

Total (46.3 overs) 203

FoW: 45, 72, 88, 133, 133, 162, 162, 166, 193, 203.

Bowling: Josh Creevey 7/1/23/0; Will Trigar 8/0/37/2; Jacob Waters 10/0/47/3; Michael Topp 10/0/43/2; Noah Emerson 5/0/23/1; Rowan Lutter 6.3/0/25/2.

Hornets win by 40 runs

Qld Premier Grade two-day competition

Ipswich Hornets v Gold Coast Dolphins at Baxter Oval (Saturday)

Hornets 1st Innings

Harry Austin c Hickey b Bartlett 7 (24)

Levi Thomson-Mathews c Kann b Kuhnemann 57 (128)

Bryn Llewellyn c Palombo b Burdon 70 (138)

Harry Wood c&b Kann 57 (105)

Dan Wilson c Bryant b Hope-Shackley 57 (78)

Jack Wood c Hope‐Shackley b Kann 10 (10)

Anthony Wilson not out 66 (54)

Jake Cross lbw b Bartlett 4 (8)

Adam Smith not out 15 (32)

Extras (5b 5lb 3w 2nb) 15

Total (96 overs) 7/358

FoW: 22 (Austin), 131 (Thomson-Matthews), 166 (Llewellyn), 241 (H.Wood), 257 (J.Wood) 288 (D.Wilson), 312 (Cross).

Bowling: Michael Neser 8/3/24/0; Xavier Bartlett 15/2/47/2; Matthew Kuhnemann 34/7/106/1

N. Lyons 17/6/56/0; J. Kann 10/1/40/2; H. Burton 10/1/56/1; L. Hope-Shackley 2/0/19/1.


2nd Grade at Robina (Saturday)

Hornets 1st Innings

Noah Emerson c Crump b Turner 6 (18)

Matt Andrews c Grant b Smith 2 (7)

Lachlan Prince c Sanderson b Smith 4 (7)

Nick De Giusti b Turner 16 (69)

Greg Carter lbw b Turner 1 (3)

Michael Topp c Sanderson b Crump 30 (43)

Nick Bischoff b Crump 0 (3)

Rowan Lutter b Grant 1 (23)

Will Trigar st Aitkins b Grant 28 (59)

Jacob Waters b Smith 16 (35)

Josh Creevey not out 0 (6)

Extras (1b 4lb 1nb) 6

Total (45.2 overs) 110

FoW: 10, 10, 18, 20, 62, 62, 65, 65, 104, 110

Bowling: P. Turner 11/4/29/3; J. Smith 11/2/25/3; L. Crump 6/3/6/2; S. Timms 5/2/8/0; M. Grant 9.2/121/2; T. Smith 3/0/16/0.

Dolphins 1st Innings

J. Spies not out 45 (142)

M. Houlahan b Topp 45 (55)

L. Crump c Andrews b Lutter 33 (50)

E. Been not out 3 (7)

Extras (2lb 8nb) 10

Total (41ov) 2/136

FoW: 71, 131

Bowling: Jacob Waters 8/2/32/0; Josh Creevey 6/1/15/0; Michael Topp 8/4/11/1; Rowan Lutter 7/0/32/1; Will Trigar 7/0/27/0; Noah Emerson 5/1/17/0.


Women's Cricket T20s (Sunday) Round 3: Wests 5/169 (20) - Grace Harris 81(46) - Ruth Johnston 2/28 (4), Keely Freiberg 1/15 (2) defeated Ipswich 8/59 (20) - Ella Harvey 14 (35) - Holly Ferling 3/18 (4), Grace Harris 2/7 (4).

Round 4: University 4/190 (20) - Hannah Lehmann 1/19 (2), Ella Harvey 1/16 (2), Keely Freiberg 1/16 (2) defeated Ipswich 3/126 (20) - Ruth Johnston 47(37), Kira Holmes 38* (43), Olivia Winter 15* (20).

Youth Cup: Wynnum Manly 9/225 (49) - Zach Fisher 10/1/33/3, Jack Verrenkamp 1/17 (5), H. Jensen 1/34 (6), Madhava Vyas 3/36 (5) defeated Ipswich 98 (36.1) - Jack Hillier 22 (62), Noah Plater 27 (61), Zach Fisher 10* (21).