UPDATE: The race to finish the brand new Ruby Chews came down to the wire for opening day.

After issues with the flooring, it was all systems go with the first burger served just before 1pm today and already people are queuing up for the latest eatery in Ipswich

"The response has been fantastic over the last few days to the article in the Queensland Times," said Manager Noah Hallaway. "We had some issues but now the doors are open and the first customer just told me she thought her lunch was 'amazing'!

"She had the Ruby Classic and we've had lots of people in today to check out the menu. The overall response so far is that it's great value for money and in touch with what Ipswich people like to eat."

"Dessert fans will be pleased to know that the frozen custards are now ready to be eaten." 


General manager Noah Hallaway of Ruby Chew's is excited to be opening the new burger and shake restaurant at Limelight Cinemas Riverlink.
Manager Noah Hallaway David Nielsen


EARLIER: If you've been to see a movie at Limelight Cinemas recently chances are you've probably noticed something big happening next door.

The tradies are putting on the final coat of paint, the cold room is being stocked and the finishing touches are under way for the opening of Ruby Chews on Thursday.

Ruby Chews is a retro-themed classic American burger bar which will offer a range of affordable, and freshly prepared dishes.

Burgers, fries, onion rings, and the frozen desserts are bound to capture your imagination, especially when you have a good look at the menu which best of all, you can take to the movie with you.

Ruby Chews General Manager Noah Hallaway loves movies, as you can tell from his numerous Star Wars tattoos. With a long background in hospitality, Noah grew up in New York, and thinks that Ipswich is going to take to Ruby Chews like Homer Simpson to a six pack of donuts.

Mmmmmmm. Donuts.

"Ruby Chews is a take on the classic American burger joint," Noah said. "Everything is fresh, nothing is frozen except for our frozen custards.

"Our frozen custard is thicker, creamier and denser than normal ice cream, and I think Ipswich is going to go nuts for it. We've going to have the choice of thirteen mix ins to go with it, like Jaffas, skittles, popcorn, Oreos and peanut brittle, plus Limelight Cinemas are happy for their customers to take their food with them to the cinema."

The menu offers everything from a chilli cheese dog to the Chocy Balboa dessert. Who says you need to pay a fortune to have a good night out in Ipswich, especially when you eat so close to the cinema?

"It's a very simple menu, burgers, chicken, vegetarian...plus onion rings, fries and desserts. We can also do bacon and cheese fries," Noah said. "Best thing is, it's affordable. It's all fresh and we're not here to gouge people, we want them to come to Ruby Chews with their families and have an affordable fantastic night out.

"Even the frozen custards are made on site, and all up we're going to have about 25 new local employees. We're going to also open a bit later than most eateries to tie in with people who like to get a meal before their movie. We will be open from 11am to 9.30pm 7 days a week.

"We're also fully licensed, and we'll even have a couple of American beers."

If you see Noah around the place, feel free to admire his collection of tattoos. To say he is Ipswich's biggest Star Wars fan could be the understatement of the year. He has more than you can poke a lightsabre at.

"I have the tattoos as I'm a huge fan, I grew up with Star Wars along with my brothers in New York. I have all of Cloud City (from The Empire Strikes Back - Noah's all-time favourite movie) on my arms, plus star destroyers, X-wing's, TIE fighters, and the Millennium Falcon, plus somewhere on my body I have a tattoo of The Death Star."

Ruby Chews opens Thursday near Limelight Cinemas at Riverlink. Visit www.qt.com.au to see Noah's exclusive guided tour for Queensland Times readers, or to see the menu visit www.rubychews.com.au