Ashleigh Barty will be the first Aussie in 46 years to win a French Open if she cleans up tonight.
Ashleigh Barty will be the first Aussie in 46 years to win a French Open if she cleans up tonight. Clive Brunskill

It's a Barty Pillow Party, and you're invited

YES, 11pm is late - past most people's bed time.

But Ipswich's own Ashleigh Barty is one win away from becoming the first Australian in 46 years to win the French Open.

She's already reached Number 3 in the world. A win in Paris tonight elevates her to second on the world rankings. It's worth celebrating.


That's why Ipswich City Council in collaboration with Tennis Queensland is throwing a Barty Pillow Party for the people of Queensland to cheer, holler and "Oi, Oi, Oi" into the wee hours of the morning.

Doors of the North Ipswich Reserve Corporate Centre will be thrown open to bean-bag-carrying, flag waving, pillow fighting tennis fans from around the region.

Entry is free.

Ipswich City Council interim administrator Greg Chemello urged all Queenslanders to make the trip to Ash's home territory in Ipswich to be part of what is sure to be a great atmosphere.

He said the party would be in one of the most modern facilities in Ipswich.

"We'll all be certain to be out of the cold, there's no doubt about that," he said.

"The kiosk will have hot chips, pies and drinks. The bar will be open, and we know everybody's attention will be on the biggest screen in Ipswich as Ash serves her way into the record books.

"We know the people of Ipswich are very proud of her, and this is an opportunity to get out and share in the pride which Ash and many other sporting stars have instilled in this city.

"Yep, get out of bed and be proud!"

Council CEO David Farmer said although he was new to the area, this is a moment of national pride.

"All of Australia is behind Ash, we know that," he said.

"This is our opportunity to sing from the rooftops, and show that Ipswich is a proud city. We have a rich sporting culture, and this could well be our finest moment."

Doors of the North Ipswich Reserve Convention Centre will open 10pm Saturday night. The game is scheduled to start at 11pm. Hot chips, pies and beverages will be on sale.

Some seating will be available. Bring bean bags and pillows.

Indicate your interest via the Facebook event.