THE Studio 10 feud has reached its boiling point after Denise Drysdale began throwing brussels sprouts at Ita Buttrose during a Christmas segment.

While it is not clear if the two incidents are linked, a few days later, former executive producer Rob McKnight was dumped and has since been in discussions with his lawyers.

This morning, Buttrose attempted to water down the explosive allegations telling KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O: "No we don't have a feud, I don't know where that nonsense came from. It's absolute rubbish."

"Well as Donald Trump would say, its fake news," she added.

"It's what we call the brussels sprout incident."

"We don't talk about it any longer. It's over and done with. We're all one happy family."

Despite her claims, entertainment reporter Peter Ford told Kyle and Jackie O that the matter might wind up in court after Buttrose began crying over the incident and complained to management.

Ita Buttrose.
Ita Buttrose.

Studio 10 confirmed with The Daily Telegraph today that McKnight was axed shortly after the incident but a spokesman would not comment further.

When asked whether Studio 10 was in a current court battle with McKnight, the spokesman simply said, "No."

McKnight was instrumental in launching Ten's breakfast panel show in November 2013, hosted by Sarah Harris, Jess Rowe, Joe Hildebrand, Buttrose and Drysdale.

Ford said on KIIS FM during the incident "there was egg nog on the set and Denise was into the spirit of the occasion and she started picking up brussels sprouts and she was throwing them at Ita."

"A couple of days later, the executive producer of the show (Rob McKnight) was relieved of his duties on the show. That was like the tipping point." he said.

Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Jessica Rowe, Denise Drysdale and Ita Buttrose.
Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Jessica Rowe, Denise Drysdale and Ita Buttrose.

"It's all going to play out in court in this case if the former executive producer isn't heard. Ita and Denise could both be called as witnesses."

Ford said the Studio 10 cast, most of whom did not answer any radio calls today, were "silenced" by the incident.

"Ita was in tears and complaining to management," he said.

"They refuse to talk to each other off air, they refuse to sit with each other on air. they'll kind of fake it if they're on air and they are on air and they sort of have to have communication," he said on air."

Ita Buttrose, Denise Drysdale and Sarah Harris
Ita Buttrose, Denise Drysdale and Sarah Harris

A Network Ten spokesman said in a statement: "Ita and Denise are consummate professionals and these unsubstantiated allegations are offensive".

"Ita and Denise have the highest respect for one another and thoroughly enjoy working as part of the Studio 10 family together. To suggest otherwise is nonsense and deliberately mischievous."

But Ford claimed the tension between the pair had been at its tipping point with feuds over simple things like a dressing rooms and disabled spots being among the issues.

For instance Buttrose has her own dressing room which Drysdale is allowed to use when Buttrose isn't on the show that day. But if Buttrose is in attendance, Drysdale has to share a dressing room with Jess Rowe.


Studio 10 responded to the allegation: "Denise Drysdale chooses to share a dressing room with Jessica Rowe. If Denise wanted a dressing room, she could have one. We don't what the reference to 'fight over disabled spots' means. There has been no dispute about that. It is pure fiction."

Last November, The Sunday Telegraph reported that the panel of Studio 10 had been split over McKnight's departure.