Alyce Stephenson (left) is taking a break from the weights.
Alyce Stephenson (left) is taking a break from the weights. Contributed

'It seemed I was living a different sort of life'

ALYCE Stephenson has "no goals right now", other than to enjoy her time away from the weightlifting platform following her Commonwealth Games debut.

"I just need to get back into work and the normality of life again," the Ipswich Hospital surgical nurse said.

"For a period there it seemed like I was living a different sort of life."

Few can relate to the intense training regimen Stephenson went through in her preparations for the Women's 48kg Weightlifting event on April 5.

And even someone with Stephenson's dedication needs some time off.

"I did enjoy training, but sometimes after work when I've had a nine-hour day and have to go to training it is really hard," she said.

"You felt like you had to put everything in - and I did - but now if I want a day off that's ok.

"I'm not following any program right now, just going in and doing a workout in a group and having some fun with it. I'm not worried about having to squad three times a week or hit certain percentages.

"In saying that, I'm very goal-oriented. I'm allowing myself some time now, but after a while I'll start to ramp things up again."

Stephenson is most enjoying training with her sister Emma, who has recently taken to the weightlifting platform.

"My sister is really getting into crossfit and weightlifting. I'm training with her now, and watching her get heaps stronger is enjoying," Stephenson said.

"She's not as competitive as me, but it's nice to be able to train with her for fun."

Stephenson's personal best total of 144kg at the Games was good for an International Three ranking.

If she wants a berth at the next World Championships, Stephenson knows she must continue to push her limits.

"Unfortunately I think I needed an International Two standard for the World Champs," she said.

With that in mind, Stephenson's weightlifting sabbatical is unlikely to last too long.

"I hope to get another states and nationals done this year," she said.